quick activity idea: make sticker stories!

sticker stories

Feeling the Mid Summer Blahs? Here’s a quick activity to do with your kids that is pretty open ended, easy and frugal. Make & Takes shared the idea for writing sticker rebus stories today and I immediately ran to our little crafting cabinet and pulled all of our sheets of stickers that I’ve been halfheartedly stock piling over the years. We always seem to accumulate extra sheets of stickers at birthday parties or through magazines and craft kits and I save whatever I can for a rainy day.

We’re sticking close to home today because both kids have a runny nose – probably nothing but one day of rest never hurt anyone so after letting them watch a few tv shows after breakfast, I wanted a quick & easy craft type project that they could do, preferably with minimal involvement on my part! This project was perfect. I scattered a half dozen sticker sheets on the dining room table and asked, in my very best Super Excited Mom Voice:

“Have you ever made sticker stories before?”

They were immediately excited to see what I meant so I pulled out a sheet of notebook paper and started writing a story (see the image at the top of the collage above). My eldest son, MM (age 7) read along as I wrote so when I asked what should happen next he immediately had ideas. I showed them both how you could use the stickers as inspiration for what should happen next in the story. I wrote out a quick paragraph to illustrate the idea and then let them take the idea and run with it.

MM immediately wanted to write a Star Wars story (you can see snippets above) and my nearly 4 year old daughter, BB, was super excited to use the Elmo Stickers. I could have sat and helped her write a story but she tends to be pretty independent with her projects so I let her do her own thing and just have fun playing with the stickers and “pretending to write”.

Both were incredibly proud of their results and I loved getting to see an example of my son’s handwriting (it’s always this messy – just like his dad!)  and also his spelling and story writing skill. He actually wrote a pretty well thought out story considering he was flying by the seat of his pants and had no help from me at all. My daughter’s little sticker collage is just adorable and I loved the little squiggles of mock handwriting throughout.

You could make this concept as challenging or open ended as you wanted really and different themed stickers will yield different stories and results, obviously. I thought this was such a great idea and it was the perfect cure for a lazy summer morning – plus it’ll keep your kids’ minds active during the summer months.

This is definitely an idea to keep in your back pocket!

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What I’m Into Lately: July 15, 2013

at the beach

We finally made it to a beach this weekend. We’ve been meaning to get to one for a few weeks now but yesterday the weather was gorgeous and our calendar was wide open. We went to a State Park that we had heard good things about but had yet to check out – and we were very pleased with it. Plenty of shady picnic tables and a nice sandy beach. A playground and good bathroom / shower areas. We’ll definitely be going there again.

What I’m reading:

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain for my book club this month. For those unfamiliar with the title, it’s all about Ernest Hemingway’s relationship with his wife, Hadley. I’m a little over halfway through now and still enjoying it but enjoying Ernest a bit less! I think that probably goes without saying.

Movies worth watching:

Dan and I rented Admission this weekend because we’re on a Tina Fey kick – we’ve been watching 30 Rock on Netflix and loving it. I’m so glad we decided to check out a couple of episodes because it’s a fantastic show! We both really liked Admission also – it’s funny but also heart felt and the cast was amazing. If you like Tina Fey and / or Paul Rudd, you are in for a treat!

This week:

Should be a little more relaxed (knock on wood) since neither kid has summer camp but we’ll be keeping relatively busy going berry picking on Wednesday, getting ready for BB’s birthday party this weekend and hopefully a trip to the library soon. My kids have been doing a summer reading challenge with the library but they are actually almost finished with the reading goal – clearly we read a lot! I’m thinking I’ll keep track of all the books they read this summer just for fun.

Items of Note:

My little girl is turning 4 on Sunday! I’ve been planning her party for so long now and thinking of it as relatively off in the future but now that it’s less than a week away I feel like I’m scrambling a little bit to pull it all together!

What I’m Looking Forward to:

BB’s birthday, the company picnic and upcoming family vacations and camping trips!

what are you into these days? Let me know in the comments below!

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Back to School Shopping: Preschool Chic

Last week I shared with you my favorite places to buy clothes for my kids – highlighting some clothes that my soon to be 2nd grader son would like. Today I thought I’d share some things from the same stores that I’d buy for my nearly 4 year old daughter who is going to 4K in the fall.

bb style

Top: Floral Cap | H&M

Middle: Minnie Hoodie T | H&MBicycle T | Lands EndRed Minnie T | Old NavyButterfly T | H&M

Bottom: Polka Dot Twirl Dress | Lands EndFloral Shorts | H&MFloral Shirt Dress | Old Navy

BB is one of those girls who can rock pretty much any look, but we both tend to gravitate towards classic feminine pieces with a slightly edgy twist. And like any preschooler, she loves when a piece of clothing features one of her favorite characters from TV, books or movies.

Both of my kids love hats and this cute floral hat from H&M is right up her alley. In the second row, the Minnie Mouse Wearing a Hoodie t-shirt is something she’d go absolutely gaga over. At $9.95 this shirt would be a splurgey kind of purchase for us. The cute butterfly top, however, is only $4.95! It comes in a few different styles so you can stock up on this one! I also looooove the cute floral shorts in the bottom row. BB loves to mix patterns and she could have a field day with these.

I saw two pieces from the Lands End toddler selection that particularly made me swoon – the pink bicycle tee is so classically chic, I’m kind of in love with it, but at $17.50 I’ll probably wait to see if it goes on sale. The polka dot dress in the bottom row is just too cute for words – this would be an adorable First Day of School look, don’t you think?

For half the cost, Old Navy has a cute shirt dress on sale for $13.97 that would also be First Day Adorable. I also found a super cute red Minnie Mouse tee there that I know my daughter would love.

Where do you shop for your kids’ clothing?

What tv or movie character would your kids most like to wear on their shirt?