Best Photos of August 2013

August was such a fantastic, busy, eventful and picture-filled month so the end result? A lot of great pictures and memories! I tried to scale it down as much as possible while still sharing all of my favorites – no easy task!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from last month:

top pics august

Top Row: MM and his Auntie K ; tire swing fun ; hop scotch ; super excited about school!

Second Row: Dancing with Auntie A ; burning energy at the playground

Middle pic: super cool elephant calendar from my aunt

Third Row: Visiting her 4K classroom ; Kids Day! New clothes from Grammy

Bottom Row: New pic of Doc ; back to school pattern mixing ; hiking Governor Dodge

But wait, there’s more!

top photos - nature

I also took a lot of great nature photos last month between our camping trip and a beautiful walk at Olbrich Gardens. These are just a handful of my favorite nature photos taken last month.

Here are my favorite photos from January, February, March, April and July.