Nanowrimo Week One: Four days in and the honeymoon is over.

latte love

I’m four days into Nation Novel Writing Month and starting to remember why I don’t try writing a novel in 30 days more often. It’s two things really:

  1. Sometimes when I’m writing, I feel as though I am taking a really fun, interesting story idea and turning it into the most boring, mundane thing ever. My own worst critic? Probably – but I can take any plot and turn it into 300 pages about washing my hands or walking the kids to the bus stop (not that I’ve written 300 pages mind you – I’d be stoked if that were true!). I’m trying to pull out more interesting words and amp up my plot, but it’s been hard to find my creativity when…
  2. Writing with children at home. Ugh. Writing while the kids are home is downright painful as I try to immerse myself into the task at hand only to be interrupted roughly ever 1.2 minutes with information like “Mommy, my pretzel looks like a triangle!” or “Can I watch tv?” or “I have a poopy diaper.” Then there’s the dog who also thinks I should pay attention to him – and the dishes need to be washed, the laundry needs to be folded, we’re out of milk, I need to check my email and probably somebody should make dinner.

Tomorrow both kids will be at school for a few hours and I’m hoping that I can go back to my happy place that I was experiencing on Friday when this was new and fun and almost easy. I’m hoping my character does something more interesting than take the kids to the bus stop and fold her laundry. I’m hoping I can get ahead on my word count during the school week to make up for Sat-Mon when I am never alone and my creative inspiration evaporates into thin air.

Are you writing a novel this month?

What are your strategies to avoid writer’s block and ignore / cope with interruptions?