Their School Pictures. And a walk down memory lane.

her 4K class pictureWe finally got back BB’s school picture and I cannot stop marveling at how big my kids are getting. How is she already in school? Four years old? A gold belt in karate? It’s inconceivable, I tell you!

She looks older every time I look at her lately and she’s acting older, too. I think her picture came out really good – I wasn’t expecting much, remembering MM’s first school picture back in 2011. It’s a lovely photo we like to call “The Brick Heck Picture”.

The fact that both of my children have a neck in their school pictures this year is cause for celebration.

Wanna take a little look down memory lane? Here are MM’s past three years of school pictures – can you believe how much this kid has grown?

MM's school pictures

And just for the sake of further turning me into a pile of reminiscent mush, here’s what BB looked like in 2011:

DSC_5988 IMAG1326

DSC_6344 DSC_6521

Seriously. Make. it. stop.