A tour of my bookshelves.

my nightstand

I have shared this picture a few times now, but when Anne @ Modern Mrs. Darcy talked about how she sometimes judges people by their bookshelves even though her own bookshelves couldn’t all stand up to such scrutiny (and many of us agreed that we do the same), she challenged us to share our own bookshelves on our blogs and talk about what books we read and how we store them.

So I wanted to open this post with my prettiest bookshelf photo because I’m hoping maybe you’ll judge me by THAT and not by what you’ll find below! And truthfully, there was a lot of careful cropping even in the photos below so you are only getting a half truth.

Full disclosure? I am a messy person. I have stacks of things in every room of the house where small children don’t linger and though I’m always trying to tackle those piles, oddly other things tend to take importance and the cutter, it lingers. It lingers in front of my beautiful bookshelves and sometimes those piles are piles of books (you’ll see some of that below) rendering them less than polite company worthy. So if I don’t invite you to peruse most of my bookshelves, you’ll know why.


This beautiful front facing bookshelf in our dining room is one exception – it holds some of the kids’ favorite picture books (no not all – you should see their bedrooms. They make mine look tidy by comparison!) and I love to show it off. It’s one of the first things my husband ever built for our home and I love it. We have an eclectic mix of classic children’s books and irreverent, but the general “theme” that I tend to shop by when it comes to picture books is simply beautiful / good pictures. Picture books, I think, should be judged by their covers.


These are some of the books in my office – LOTS of careful cropping here. This is where I keep cookbooks, some books I’ve already read and some books that I’m too lazy to carry upstairs. This is also where I keep all the family photo books that I’ve made (they are on the top shelf – all those super skinny books). This is the only bookshelf in my home with any real semblance of “organization” in that all the cookbooks are lumped together. After that it’s maybe sort of organized by size and that’s about it.

There is also a small stack of Jane Porter books on my desk that I won in a giveaway (yay!) at Chick Lit Is Not Dead. Love them. Funny story? I was looking for a book I wanted to loan a friend and could not find it anywhere. ANYWHERE! I had given up and moved on and a month later I decided to clean my desk and totally found the book buried under a pile of god knows what. So leaving books on my desk is clearly dangerous. Good luck Jane Porter!


Upstairs you would find even more books in my bedroom (if I ever let you in there).

On the nightstand in the cute little “house shelf” that hubby built are the books I’m currently planning to read soon:

As You Do by Richard Hammond (love him)

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond

The Last Word by Lisa Lutz

Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster

The Constant Princess by Phillipa Gregory

Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde (not to be confused with that other book)

Wish You Were Eyre by Heather Vogel Frederick

Plus all the books on my kindle. There are a LOT of those!

This is actually a really good, concise sample of the books I read – you would get a good feel for my book tendencies here though the truth is I’ll gladly read almost anything. I gravitate towards celeb memoirs, funny books, YA books, historical fiction and fantasy book.

On my actual bookshelf is basically an ocean of unread books – aside from all the other ones I’ve shown you. In FRONT of that bookshelf is an embarrassing stack of books I’ve already read that I need to DO something with, like donate them or get another bookshelf or something.

Perhaps the truly embarrassing thing is that there are definitely more unread books in my home than books I’ve actually read. I tend to collect them way faster than I can read them. It’s a disease. A sickness. Chaos. And yet if you offered me a new book right now, I’d be giddy with excitement. Is there a bookaholic rehab center? Cause yeah…

My name is Jennifer and I’m a bookaholic.