Nanowrimo: The Last Week.


It’s the last week of National Novel Writing Month and I’m both optimistic, pessimistic and realistic all at once.

I’ve only written 26,874 – a little over halfway done with less than one week left to hit the challenge goal of 50,000 words and it’s Thanksgiving week to boot (and with Christmas coming I have a million other little goals to attend to in addition to my normal work load as a wife and mother and home keeper).

Is it possible that I’ll finish? Yes, I suppose, but it’s not very likely. Admittedly, this is my own fault. In addition to the normal writing struggles like word block and my already anticipated time constraints – like my husband’s birthday last week which saw me baking and cooking a special dinner for him – I also frankly just goofed off a bit. My sanity required it and I let it happen. Shame on me or good for me? I’m not sure.

So why am I optimistic when reality and pessimism seem to indicate that I won’t finish the challenge? I still think I’ll finish the book either way and at the end of the day, that is more important. If enjoying the holidays and keeping up with my LIFE mean that I don’t write 50,000 words in 30 days – I am totally at peace with that as long as I keep writing.

Are you trying to write a novel this month? How is your progress going? Do you think you’ll finish on time?

Where do all the missing socks go?


How is it that I can finish all of her laundry and find no matching socks at all? Surely there were matches at one point, but where are they now?

Buried under her bed, in the bottom of the couch or hidden in her toy box?These seem like the likely scenarios but what if they are:

Traveling in time and space?

Being eaten by the washing machine?

Eloping in Vegas?

Being sacrificed to the gods on top of a volcano in Pompeii?

Running away with the dish and the spoon?

Finding themselves in Bali?

On a road trip with some college guy they met in a bar?

Enrolling at Hogwarts School For Witchcraft & Wizardry?

On a top secret mission for the CIA?

Having a torrid affair with one half of a pair of tennis shoes?

Working as assassins for hire?

Performing in a puppet show on off Broadway?

Learning to do the hula in Hawaii?

Where do you think all the missing socks go?