Our Year in Pictures: The Best of 2013

One last recap of 2013 and then we can officially put the year behind us, okay? I just wanted to quickly share some of my favorite pictures from 2013 as a whole – I put it all in collages so you don’t go crazy overwhelmed on me. Your welcome.


Here are some of my favorite pictures that are on the “artsy” side, involving reflections, pictures of pictures, beautiful rays of light and such. These were probably some of my most used pictures in 2013.


If you know me, you probably know that I have a minor obsession with taking pictures of flowers – the closer the better. Here are four of my favorite floral shots from 2013 – these are making me long for warmer weather!


2013 was a delicious year! Here are pictures of both the kids’ birthday cakes, a delicious cookie s’more and my new favorite coffee mug.


Group shots! A favorite shot of me and the kids, a picture of Dan and the kids and two pictures of the kids being their typical sibling duo selves.


Let’s not forget the extended family! Some favorite pictures of our newest addition (Doc the Dog) and my new nephew, aka the most adorable baby on the planet.


Lastly – the very best of BB in 2013 – hamming it up, taking ballet, walking a Tardis down the road, being generally stunning, rocking tutus and sneakers and doing the “Stefan” face unknowingly.


And MM – grinning from ear to ear, sporting another Doctor Who costume, posing for first day of school picks, literally exploding with excitement, practicing his karate moves and winning the courage award!

We had a busy year and though I relied heavily on my camera phone, I still managed to get a lot of great pictures in 2013! Here’s to another year of wonderful family memories in photos.