10 Things I Learned in February

Tomorrow we March one step closer to the Spring (see what I did there?) and leave February behind us. The weather outside certainly doesn’t support this statement but eventually it’s bound to catch up with the calendar, right? Right?? While we ponder this question of weather and logic (or lack thereof), let’s think about all the things we learned this month – for better or … Continue reading 10 Things I Learned in February

Nightstand: February 2014

It’s been a great month for curling up with a good book. I’ve spent a lot of cold winter nights wrapped up in one story or another and managed to finish four books since last month! For some people that is a rather average, small looking number but for me it’s huge since most of my reading happens at night before falling asleep, which a … Continue reading Nightstand: February 2014

Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Normally I write my book reviews over at Things Momma Loves, in an effort to keep my personal blogging and my “materialistic fangirling / reviewing” separate from one another. This is typically a place for me to brag incessantly about how cute my kids are and tell you about the last hilarious thing said by the four year old or seven year old – to … Continue reading Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Je t’aime…

This week Mama Kat is unsurprisingly asking us to write about topics with the theme of love, valentines day and all things cupidish. Today I’m answering the writing prompt: 3.) 8 people/places/or things you’d like to give a virtual Valentine to. So apart from my husband, kids, family, friends and other assorted loved ones that have OBVIOUSLY earned the world’s most cloyingly sweet handmade valentine … Continue reading Je t’aime…

Maybe SHE’S the Special?

“Look mom, this Lego Man has  two faces – a happy face and a grumpy face for in case he gets mad.” – – I think someone enjoyed the LEGO Movie. Lately BB is almost just as much into LEGOs and building as her brother. It’s so adorable watching her create things and interact with her creations – and watching the two of them play … Continue reading Maybe SHE’S the Special?

CLEAN: a look at what exactly defines clean and tidy.

I was thinking about what is considered “clean” this weekend, while attempting to tidy up a bit before having friends over for dinner. “Clean” seems to vary depending on who is doing the cleaning and what the occasion is. Cleaning the stove for me means wiping off all the gunk and maybe pulling out the fancy stove top cleaner gunk made by elves in the … Continue reading CLEAN: a look at what exactly defines clean and tidy.

Bruno Mars, epic nerdiness and mustache photo ops.

We watched the Super Bowl with the kids this weekend, mostly because MM told us he wanted to. We aren’t big Football fans in general – we have a couple of teams that we root for mostly out of hometown loyalties and a general agreement that they tend to play well / have really awesome fans. But if they lose? Not a big deal. And … Continue reading Bruno Mars, epic nerdiness and mustache photo ops.