State of the Bloggy 2014

Contemplating the level of complication in the methods to my madness.


Lately I’ve been thinking about my current blogging setup and wondering what is worth my time and energy and what is not. Examples:

I have my own domain for this blog and have wordpress redirect my blog to the domain for me. Sometimes the pictures on my blog load reaaaalllly slow or not at all – but if I type in my URL everything is fine. Is this wordpress’s fault? Godaddy? The universe? Is having my own URL important when I am not making money with my blog and don’t see monetary bloggy gains happening any time soon?

I maintain two blogs right now (not including the myriad of abandoned blogging projects and the blog / websites that I run for my women’s group and my son’s cub scout pack. Those two blogs are this one, my personal blog which is where I tell you guys about how cute my kids are and how handsome and clever my husband is and how tired I am. I’ll share vacation pics and school achievements and everything in between.

I also write a review blog which is mostly book reviews and a couple of monthly link ups with  the occasional spazzing out about products or tv shows that I’m obsessed with.

The idea behind this was that I wanted each aspect of my writing to have it’s own home so that my readers could read what they wanted without being forced to read both. I also had this ideal in mind that the review blog would act as a sort of portfolio for future job prospects without being  cluttered with wordless wednesdays and vacation posts, etc. But am I over-complicating things? Does it really matter that the two are separate or should / could I be writing all in one place? Do my seven readers really care what I share and where? 

Sometimes having multiple blogs gets really complicate and I wonder if I am spreading myself too thin. Maybe if I wrote everything in one place I’d actually have a larger blog presence because my seven readers here and my seven readers there (assuming they aren’t the same people) could become FOURTEEN readers in one place. Maybe.

Any thoughts on this? Do you think it’s worth it to upkeep multiple blogs or does it make more sense to just keep it all in one place? Is having a domain worth it for the average blogger? Should I have another cup of coffee today? IMPORTANT STUFF, clearly.