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TBT: Looking back at 2009.

throwback thursday

The whole Throwback Thursday thing has gotten really big lately – it’s all over Facebook and twitter and everyone’s getting in one the action. Myself included – you know I love a good bandwagon. Reminiscing about our past is an enticing hobby because things often look better from a rose colored distance – it also gives us a sense of accomplishment that you can’t see on a day to day basis. My dishes may not be done yet and I might not have gotten around to exercising today but just look at how much I’ve accomplished in the past five years – look at how much as changed! I am a rockstar!

Right around this time in March of 2009, we were standing on the edge of a major life change, getting ready to move to Wisconsin. We had no idea all of the things that were in store for us and how much our world would just completely transform in a very short period of time. From the literal aspect that I was very pregnant with miss BB and about to become a mother of two – to the notion of living in a new state where we knew absolutely nobody and would be starting from scratch in every sense of the word.

the Madagascar cake - MM's third birthday

Meanwhile, my little boy was about to turn three and there was cake to be eaten and celebrations to be had with all our nearest and dearest while they were still near (always dear). We celebrated at our apartment with a Madagascar themed birthday party, his favorite movie at the time – and one of my most successful birthday cakes to date in which I discovered the amazing forgiveness of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting – this was also the first time that I completely forgot to buy candles for the cake and improvised with tea candles.

Now it’s 5 years later and BB is four and a half and we’ve been in Wisconsin for so long that it feels absolutely normal most days that we actually live here – and that little boy is turning 8 years old in about a week and a half. He loves all things Doctor Who, super heroes, Legos and anything that involves space, mechanics, building things and using his imagination – and there is an 89% chance I’ll forget to buy candles for the cake again.

So not much has changed I guess.

2 responses to “TBT: Looking back at 2009.”

  1. Jean Avatar

    Wow this was the time when we were really hitting the ground running on our bloggy friendship. This is all the stuff I really remember from 5 years ago. Than I was a blogger slacker, but it feels like I’ve now come full circle.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Doesn’t it kinda seem like it was just yesterday? Crazy!