A beautiful weekend in our big backyard.


We had gorgeous weather over the weekend and tried to spend some time just relaxing outside. It got pretty hot out but thanks to a large tree in the backyard, we had plenty of shade for the wimps, a.k.a. me. We grilled some brats for lunch on Sunday, while the kids ran around the backyard.

They pretty much have “play in the backyard” down to a science. First they pull out the plastic play house and all the toy cars, bikes, lawn mowers, etc. and then they set to work playing house. Do your kids like to role play and pretend to be you and your spouse / significant other? My kids consider this their favorite game (when they aren’t playing Doctor Who / Princesses) and it’s pretty typical to hear them yelling “Dan” or “Jen” to each other while zooming around the house or yard. If you ever want to know what your kids think about you, just listen to them when they are playing house. Apparently I drink a lot of coffee and go grocery shopping. That’s about it.




MM giving BB “a ride” in the toy car


The dog loves to play outside, too, but usually “play” for him consists of wrapping himself around the tree repeatedly, digging holes, getting yelled at for digging holes, trying to eat his way out of the lead that keeps him from totally ditching us and ravenously drinking water every three minutes or so. To each their own, right?

How was your weekend? Is it grilling weather where you are yet?

5 responses to “A beautiful weekend in our big backyard.”

  1. Julie Avatar

    So funny! I never thought of kids doing that. I go grocery shopping all the time too. Oh dear when I have kids :).


  2. Jean Avatar

    For Oklahoma and June the weather has been awesome! The boys occasionally still play Doctor Who too.


  3. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? Avatar
    Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?

    Oh my goodness! I sooo want your backyard. We have mud and non-grassy areas. The shade is okay, but this looks like heaven!


  4. Betsy Avatar

    We had a sick weekend. So frustrating! I hate spending lovely days inside. :/


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Hope everyone is starting to feel better!