Thinking about RSS Readers and How We Read Blogs.

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It’s hard to believe that Google Reader has been extinct for so long that life without it is normal now. When they first went under, I went around and looked at different RSS readers and though I never found something I truly loved as much as my dear old GR, I made my choice and moved on. I’ve been using Feedly for awhile now and I’m mostly happy with itย – they have a decent web interface and mobile app and plenty of organizational optionsย but I thought I’d peek around a tiny bit again just to see if anyone else has upped their game and might possibly better suit my needs.

I’m playing around with Bloglovin today and I know that a lot of my fellow bloggy bloggers seem really smitten with it. While I fiddle with all their options and peek around, tell me:

How do you like to keep up with blogs you read?

Are you an RSS reader or do you subscribe by email or just type in the URL for your favorite sites?

Do you have an RSS reader you absolutely love? What things do you look for in a reader?