Books Read in 2014

(now with handy star rating so you can tell at a glance how much I liked it) **** Freakonomics by Steven Levitt (January Book Club) – Finished January 12, 2014 – I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would. Very interesting, whether you agree with them and their findings or not. – Full Review – *** Beauty Queens by Libba Bray – Finished January 23, 2014 – I thought the premise of this book was … Continue reading Books Read in 2014

A Very Merry Rant & Well Wishes for the Season.

This year I spent months planning these awesome handmade greeting cards that the kids and I were going to make together to send to friends and family for Christmas. It wasn’t so much about being crafty as it was about being frugal tbh. I had a wake up call this year or a serious case of Bah Humbug, not sure which, but I came up … Continue reading A Very Merry Rant & Well Wishes for the Season.

I’ve made my list and checked it twice.

It’s kind of a blogging tradition to share Christmas gift ideas and I wouldn’t want to mess with tradition. But I don’t quite have the energy or time to make a list for all the different people you might be shopping for, so I’m just focusing on the most important person on your list: me. So for the Jen in your life (the bookworm, the nerdy … Continue reading I’ve made my list and checked it twice.

3 Books to Read Before 2015

I’m linking up with Anne @ Modern Mrs. Darcy‘s linkup formerly known as twitterature. Now dubbed Quick Lit, the goal of the game is still the same: Share some mini book reviews for what you’ve been reading over the last month.  Here are 3 books I’ve read since last month, all three definitely worth fitting into your reading time before the new year rolls into town. … Continue reading 3 Books to Read Before 2015

Celebrating St Lucia Day.

We’re continuing the tradition of celebrating Saint Lucia Day or Saint Lucy’s Day with our kids. Dan’s parents did it with their kids growing up and our kids loved celebrating last year so we did it again this weekend. The story is that Saint Lucy secretly brought food to persecuted Christians in Rome, who were forced underground into the catacombs. Lucy would wear a crown … Continue reading Celebrating St Lucia Day.