Daybook: January 26, 2015


Outside My Window: It’s more of this stuff except wetter and with freezing rain thrown in for good measure. So far all of my driving has been smooth sailing today but I think I lucked out and happened to be in work when the bad stuff was going on because when I left to pick up the kids there was a sheet of ice on my car that I got to spend ten minutes scraping off before leaving. Winter is super funsies.

I Am Thinking: about how much I don’t want to cook dinner, do laundry, clean dishes or be productive AT ALL. This, I believe, is a common side effect of Working Mom Syndrome. Like I’m tired guys, can’t someone else do it? The answer remains no thus far.

I Am Reading: Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan still. I have to confess that, as much as I’m enjoying the book and his wacky sense of humor, my attention has been waning. I don’t know if this is a reflection on the book or my level of fatigue lately but it has made finishing the book a lingering project. Up next will either be The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie which my book club will be discussing a month from now, Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins (of Hunger Games fame) because I keep promising my son I’ll read it so we can squeal about it together or Yes Please by Amy Poehler because – really, is any explanation needed? Also I keep downloading new books on my kindle because they are free or cheap and at some point I should read some of them.

I Just Watched: The Grand Budapest Hotel after seeing a preview for it during the Golden Globes and being all “ooooohhhh that looks good” – I enjoyed it but my husband seemed unable to stay interested (basically just like Boyhood except this was shorter and funnier). Wes Anderson movies are hit or miss for me in general but I liked this one. It was beautiful to watch, the writing was good and the cast was superb. Willem Dafoe was deliciously evil and malicious. Tony Revolori as Zero was endearing and wonderful. Adrien Brody was a love to hate character per usual.  Ralph Fiennes as M. Gustav was amazeballs and I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that that’s also Lord Voldemort. Seriously. Jeff Goldblum, Bill Murray, Edward Norten, Jude Law, Jason Schwartzman – all fantastic.

I Am Hearing: the dog chewing on one of his toys like there is no tomorrow. My son narrating to himself as he does his homework, my daughter talking a mile a minute just like she’s been doing from the time she woke up and will do until she goes to sleep.

Weekend Wrap Up: Saturday was the Pinewood Derby for my son’s Cub Scout pack. He and Dan both made cars to race and while neither won any awards this year, they both had very good speeds that were just behind the cars that placed in the finals.

Plans For The Week: Book club on Wednesday, Karate Promotion on Saturday, working like forever.

Picture Thoughts: 

a tall tower being driven by the 7th Doctor Who
a tall tower being driven by the 7th Doctor Who
dan's derby car
Dan’s car was this gorgeous stained wood beauty.
the pack
Trying to get a group of elementary school boys to pose for a group photo – hahaha

PSA: Read this before you rant about Facebook’s Privacy Settings again…


All right, strap in boys and girls. Pause a moment and listen up, because sharing news links seems to have no effect, no matter how many time I’ve see this flit through my news feed lately. I wrote this on Facebook recently but it bears repeating:


There’s a little things called Terms of Service (click the link to read the ToS), which you all agreed to when you created your Facebook account. No matter what you post on your wall, the ToS will always trump it in court. That little ‘Don’t take my stuff!‘ post by itself is legally useless.

In case you missed it, here’s that handy-dandy little link to the ToS right here:


This only works if your PRIVACY SETTINGS are set to PUBLIC.

So, click on that link I just put up there. The VERY FIRST SECTION is called Privacy – it’s like they’ve noticed we get concerned about that sometimes. In it is a link to their Data Use Policy (click that and read it, too).

In it is all the info on what they collect, and what they do with it. I HIGHLY recommend you go and read through the links on the Privacy page if you want to be an informed Facebook user.

The links explain (in order):

  1. What info they collect and what they do with it.
  2. How to keep your posts / timeline, private. How people can find you.
  3. How your info is used on the site, in pages, groups, and game apps.
  4. Advertising and how they use user info to customize it.
  5. Use of Cookies, basically a little of HOW they get their info.
  6. Other Info and Security odds and ends that don’t fit anywhere, but still worth looking at.

This stuff isn’t even written in legalese. It’s pretty easy to understand. So take a few minutes, and go read it.

Looking further into the ToS, it gets even better:
“Section 2. Sharing Your Content and Information.”

The very first line clearly states that YOU OWN ALL CONTENT AND INFO YOU POST. And that YOU, yes you, Charlie Brown, control how it’s used. However, if it is set to Public, then Facebook gets to do whatever the heck it wants. (Do note, that Public is the default setting.) Go. Read. This.

TL;DR: FACEBOOK DOES NOT SHARE YOUR PROFILE INFORMATION IF THE SECURITY SETTING IS NOT SET TO PUBLIC. This includes your posts, pictures, and contact information unless you leave it that way. Everything else can be hidden/friends only/etc. Exception: Your name, profile pic, network, gender, and username will always public. This is the only thing you cannot change.

So go click on the CLOSED PADLOCK ICON to the right of the little World that notifies you whenever a fly sneezes, next click on SEE MORE SETTINGS. And then set WHATEVER YOU WANT TO PRIVATE and quit worrying already. Geeze.

(I also recommend clicking on “Timeline and Tagging” on the left hand side of that page and adjusting those settings too.)

Note: There have been times when Facebook will update something it ends up resetting all the security settings back to the default setting – Public. So check your settings once in a while, especially when FB updates how they work.