Weekly Geekly: 3.13.2015


Make a DIY Fandom World Map of your favorite fictional world to display as artwork in your home. Which fiction world would you make? via

What kind of Grammar Nerd are you? Playbuzz has got your number. I’m an enlightened grammatarian. i.e. Please don’t talk like a moron or take yourself too seriously.

Science says there are 4 types of introverts. According to this quiz at I am a Thinking Introvert. This totally makes sense.

“You have a great relationship with yourself because you spend a lot of time thinking about what kind of person you are, daydreaming, and fantasizing about the future. You enjoy your rich inner mental life, and you like to think about how you would act or think if you were subjected to circumstances faced by other people.”

According to Higher PerspectiveScientists have discovered another Earth with probable life! Or a Kepler 186F. I’ve heard it both ways.

Buzzfeed wants to know which of the new Doctors you should travel through space and time with. I got Number Twelve. I’d probably have preferred Tennant but I’ll take it.

Lastly. Required XKCD viewing:


Have a great weekend!

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Idol Thoughts: The Top 12


This week the Top 12 was introduced and then whittled down ever so slightly to the Top 11. They sang the songs they auditioned with on Wednesday night and a “party” song on Thursday for the theme “Get This Party Started”.

The highlight of the week for me was Joey Cook’s rendition of ‘Fancy’ by Iggy Azalea. I’m always a fan of musicians taking well known songs and turning them on their heads – when done well, it’s always a lot of fun and Joey Cook did really well in my opinion.

Adanna Duru sang ‘Runaway Baby’ by Bruno Mars and continues to be fantastic. She was one of my Top 3 this week so either she’s rising the ranks or other people are falling behind. Or both.

The judges seemed super amped up about Rayvon Owen’s rendition of ‘Burn’ but honestly I didn’t love it. He sounded out of breath and out of his element. Wednesday night he sang his audition song, ‘Wide Awake’ and it was MUCH better and firmly in his wheel house. I didn’t think Rayvon could go wrong but he stumbled this week for me. That said, he’s still in my Top 3 because:

I was kinda disappointed in Jax this week and thought that Clark and Quentin were just okay even though the judges seemed super jazzed about them. I really like Nick when I’m watching him but I’ve noticed that I get less excited about his performances by the time I get to my computer to type stuff. But like the folks mentioned above, he also got all 20 votes from me this week. So.

Also can we talk about Daniel Seavey? I get it – it’s a novelty that he can pretty much sing even though  he’s basically a baby. But why is he still here? He’s a sweet kid but he’s nowhere close to the other contestants vocally. Also apologies to Maddie Walker who I’ve pretty much never blogged about. Her voice is nice, I LOVE her hair but her music simply isn’t my cup of tea. I will acknowledge that she did a good job this week – probably her best vocal to date.

Who are you loving on Idol this season?

Who are you so completely over?


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On my 7th Blogiversary.


I started this blog seven years ago. I barely knew what a blog was back then – just that I wanted a piece of the action. Rather than be all “introductory” – I just dove right in and reviewed the horrible mop I’d just bought. Cause that’s how I roll. Or mop.

My blogging style has looked pretty different as the years have gone by. I’ve gone through phases of meme madness. I’ve delved into the world of review blogging a few times. I’ve posted so many pictures of my kids that they are basically famous now. I’ve blogged extensively on John Mayer’s love life and I’ve shared with you the ups and downs (mostly downs) of my dieting and exercise experiences.

You were with me when I was a stay at home mom of one kid, living in Massachusetts – and when I was a working mother of two living in Wisconsin. You moved halfway across the country with me and were there when we bought our first house. You know pretty much all of my favorite books and you’ve witnessed years of me writing every day, multiple times a day as well as years where I write maybe once a week. You get that life is crazy and always changing. I could go on – a lot happens in 7 years and this blog has seen it all.

I’ve written 2,655 posts here. I’ve had 9,509 comments. Some of my most popular posts over the years have been my favorite cookie recipe (it’s a sure thing), a ridiculous Q&A with my kids, a review of the Sex and the City Movie, and my family’s favorite waffle recipe.

The search results that bring most people to my blog look like this:

easy delicious cookies (and 8,000 variations on this) * phillip phillips (am I his biggest fan, or what?) * mommablogsalot (I’m kind of a big deal) * self exploration questions (I talk about myself a lot) * what it means to be a woman (I’m kind of an authority on the topic) * niagara falls (I’ve been there!) * teacher susie (what up sid the science kid fans?) * delicious cookie recipe, easy and delicious cookies, most delicious cookies (I’m noticing a theme here – I really like cookies and you guys do, too!)

So the 7th anniversary is apparently all about wool, copper and desk sets. I made a cute graphic for the occasion with a knit background and I’m totally writing this at my desk so I’ve done my part. If you want to celebrate with me, feel free to send me:


a fabulous wool coat – this one is on sale right now for $48 at Kohls!


A copper water pitcher to add some pretty to my kitchen counters ($28 at Amazon right now)


As for my desk, what I’d most like is a color laser printer so I can officially break up with my ink jet.

This one is $462 at Amazon and it does all the things.

How long have you been blogging?

If you could buy yourself something for your blogiversary, what would you get?