Weekly Geekly: 3.13.2015

Make a DIY Fandom World Map of your favorite fictional world to display as artwork in your home. Which fiction world would you make? via milkandcookiesblog.com What kind of Grammar Nerd are you? Playbuzz has got your number. I’m an enlightened grammatarian. i.e. Please don’t talk like a moron or take yourself too seriously. Science says there are 4 types of introverts. According to this … Continue reading Weekly Geekly: 3.13.2015

Idol Thoughts: The Top 12

This week the Top 12 was introduced and then whittled down ever so slightly to the Top 11. They sang the songs they auditioned with on Wednesday night and a “party” song on Thursday for the theme “Get This Party Started”. The highlight of the week for me was Joey Cook’s rendition of ‘Fancy’ by Iggy Azalea. I’m always a fan of musicians taking well … Continue reading Idol Thoughts: The Top 12