I'm self tagging myself in this fun little number game that I saw over at Brittany's blog: The Lady Lawyer. You know I can't resist an opportunity to talk about myself. I was totally that teenager pouring over all the quizzes in Teen Magazine so basically not much has changed. 4 Names People Call ME Jen … Continue reading Four.

The Weekly Geekly: 4.26.15

Three things: 1. 7 ways Finland Gets Education Right at Mental Floss. I would be fascinated to try out some of these things in America. 2. This song: I seriously do feel like I could have written this. 3. This cartoon from Shoe Box Blog: That is all.

Idol Thoughts: Top 5

This week the Top 5 was revealed on American Idol. I've had to say goodbye to a few favorites this week (loved Joey Cook and Qaasim Middleton) but overall I'm pretty pleased with how America has been voting. I've been voting this year, too, which is relatively new for me as I never really had … Continue reading Idol Thoughts: Top 5