Top 10 Songs: A Peek at My Playlist


I’m linking up with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop again this week. I chose the prompt:

6. List your top 10 most listened to songs currently.

So I’m still basically twelve years old and devouring the Top 40 Chart these days. I listen to that pop station that plays those songs your daughter listens to (unless I’m actually old and kids these days don’t do that anymore). So most of the music I listen to is probably what’s on the radio right now. This list is a mix of those songs with some of the songs I play most often on my phone’s music player when the radio is being boring.

  1. Fancy by Iggy Azalea because it’s ridiculously catchy and I love singing along but probably don’t really know all the words. I think the whole world begrudgingly loves this song.
  2. Ain’t it Fun by Paramour because when Jena Irene sang this on Idol I was like “holy crap this song is amazing and I’ve been jamming to it ever since.
  3. Shake it Off by Taylor Swift (and a half dozen other Taylor Songs) because Taylor is ‘my girl’ – it seems like everyone is suddenly obsessed with Taylor but I’ve been a Swiftie for years. I’m really digging all the upbeat positive kinda girl power without being completely bubble gum music.
  4. Back 2 Good by Matchbox 20 (because I’m old) – any other 80’s kids still kind of obsessed with Matchbox 20? This came up on my playlist all the time while we were on our big road trip last summer and I was shocked to realize I still know all the words to all the songs. Love.
  5. Neon by John Mayer (and several dozen other John Songs) because anyone who knows me knows that 75% of the music I listen to is probably John Mayer. Just ask my husband what the soundtrack to all of our road trips is. Also if you aren’t already aware – John’s live music is so completely a level above the recorded stuff. If you haven’t heard him live, you basically haven’t heard him before.
  6. Sugar by Maroon 5 (even though I kind of hate him) I actually used to be a huge Maroon 5 fan back in the day but a lot of their stuff these days just seems drenched in Ego and it’s less enjoyable now. I kinda like this one though – reminds me of the old days. His sunglasses are ridiculous though.
  7. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars because anything Bruno Mars does is magic basically. It’s kind of amazing to see how quickly he has become basically legendary.
  8. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran because his music gives me all the feels and he’s amazing and I kind of wish he and Taylor Swift would get married and make sweet emotional babies together.
  9. Lips are Moving by Meghan Trainor (or All About That Bass) because I think she’s basically the best and hilarious and inspiring and All The Things.
  10. Habits by Tove Lo which my husband  thinks is bizarre and weird and doesn’t understand why I like it but the thing is this song is masterful at conveying the emotion of the lyrics. It’s like an experience listening to it and I really dig that as a writer. I’d never seen the music video before writing this but it’s pretty much exactly what I would have expected.

2 responses to “Top 10 Songs: A Peek at My Playlist”

  1. mamaslosinit Avatar

    I’ve never heard Neon before! John Mayer is so talented. I try not to let his reputation as a Hollywood playboy affect me…but it kind of affects me. 😉


  2. Brittany Avatar

    Neon will ALWAYS be one of my favorites!