The Weekly Geekly: 4.26.15


Three things:

1. 7 ways Finland Gets Education Right at Mental Floss. I would be fascinated to try out some of these things in America.

2. This song:

I seriously do feel like I could have written this.

3. This cartoon from Shoe Box Blog:


That is all.


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Take Your Kids To Work Day: 2015


Last week was Take Your Kids To Work Day – a holiday that my husband’s place of employment tends to go all out for. We showed up with bells on and did copious amounts of arts and crafts and snacks and photo ops. When we left, I asked my daughter, “What do you think daddy does for work?”

“I have literally no idea,” she told me. I asked her to just guess based off the stuff we’d just done and she finally guessed, “Maybe they serve food?”

Here are pictures from Take Your Kids To Work Day 2014. Just to further confuse.