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4 Things I Learned in May.


I’m joining Emily again to share a few things I learned in the merry old month of May. Wanna play along? Tell us what you learned last month: It can be silly or serious and you can post on your blog or just let me know in the comments section below!

1. According to the woman who was giving my son’s class a tour of the Burpee Museum in Illinois, you can recognize words that are Greek in origin if the word contains a y in the middle that makes an I sound. Mind. Blown.


2. Apparently you can earn money (or rewards at least) if you use the Bing search engine rewards program. Just search as you normally would and you’ll be earning points towards things like Amazon gift certificates or travel rewards points or even donations for charities.


3. A run-on sentence is NOT just a really long sentence. According to these debunked grammar myths at Mental Floss, they can actually be quite short. A run-on sentence contains independent clauses that are squished together without the help of punctuation or a conjunction. For example: “I am short he is tall,” is a run-on sentence even though it only has six words.


4. Giraffe tongues are gross, slimy, long and gray.


 What did you learn last month?