My Favorite Online Comics.

XKCD Been around since: 1545 comics ago I love it because: Aside from being an incredibly smart comic known for uber-geeky references that sometimes go over my head (luckily my Engineer husband can usually explain those to me), this comic is filled with tiny pockets of all the feels – and reading it feels like you’ve been let in on all the best inside jokes. Pro tip: … Continue reading My Favorite Online Comics.

7 Things I Learned in June.

I’m linking up with the lovely Emily @ Chatting at the Sky to share some things I learned last month – it can be something silly or serious, profound or plebian. Here’s what I learned. 1. I learned how to prepare starfruit and what they actually taste like after playing a game of produce section roulette with the kids (i.e. letting them pick a random fruit … Continue reading 7 Things I Learned in June.