Writer’s Workshop : GIFS are better than words.

I’m linking up with Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop today because one of her prompts sounded like something I could do from my phone which is helpful since I’ve spent the last week and a half chained to the living room reminding my dog to leave his stitches alone. Sometimes more successfully than others. Anyway, here are this week’s prompts: 1. List … Continue reading Writer’s Workshop : GIFS are better than words.

Weekly Geekly: 03.11.16

I’ve got a veritable stock pile of amazing things I’ve seen online that need to be shared with you so buckle your seat belts. Did you see the new Ghostbusters trailer yet? I’m personally super excited but apparently a lot of people are upset particularly about Leslie Jones’s character in the movie. Probably the same people who were upset about the Starbucks cups. And while … Continue reading Weekly Geekly: 03.11.16

Harry Potter Spells Book Tag.

This tag and the amazing scroll images were created by Kim @ Kimberly Faye Reads. I saw it at Mom’s Radius recently and even though it’s massively long, the Harry Potter allure and fun scrolls were so unique, I couldn’t resist. So let’s dive off the deep end, shall we? An Upcoming Release You Wish You Could Get Your Hands On Right Now I’m quite eager … Continue reading Harry Potter Spells Book Tag.

12 Must Have Things For a New Baby

My good friend is expecting her first baby and I’ll freely admit that I’m living vicariously. When I don’t have to personally tackle the sleepless nights and endless feedings / diaper changes, it’s super fun to remember the new baby smell, the snuggly moments and the tiny socks. I’ve been harassing her with my endless knowledge on the subject of baby stuff because now that … Continue reading 12 Must Have Things For a New Baby

5 Books for the Reluctant Tween Reader

My friend asked me a few weeks ago for book suggestions for her tween niece – her  words were “something that isn’t Divergent” which is apparently the only book that exists in this girl’s world and I know she isn’t alone even though ::shudders:: it’s one of my least favorite YA dystopian novels. I thought I’d share the books I suggested here and open the … Continue reading 5 Books for the Reluctant Tween Reader