What I’m Into: July 2016

It’s hard to believe June is nearly over and yet June was so massively packed with memories and milestones and some other ‘m’ word that I’ll think of in twelve minutes that really June has had its time. Its ‘moment’ (haha I’m early) so to speak. I thought I’d link up with Leigh Kramer and share what I’ve been into this month so I can … Continue reading What I’m Into: July 2016

My Morning Routine: Keeping it Real

I was reading this article at Nutrition Stripped about how she creates her morning routine because don’t all mothers wish the mornings ran more smoothly? I definitely see room for improvement in mine. Her routine obviously sounds amazing but reading her article I noticed two things: Her morning routine starts at 5:00 a.m. Like intentionally. Anybody who knows me knows that this is laughable. My … Continue reading My Morning Routine: Keeping it Real

5 Nights in the Woods: The Highs and Lows.

We just got back from the longest camping trip our family has ever taken so obviously I have a lot of things I want to tell you and a lot of pictures to share but I don’t want to overwhelm you guys with all the things so I’ll attempt brevity here. You might be asking yourself, “What kind of crazy person would agree to sleep … Continue reading 5 Nights in the Woods: The Highs and Lows.

Summer Reading B-I-N-G-O!

We have no shortage of summer reading programs here, some better than others (Barnes and Noble’s took roughly twelve minutes; a local used bookstore is strictly keeping track of minutes read which sounds like homework). We’re rolling deep in reading lists but when I saw this post at Mom’s Radius I couldn’t help myself. I dove headfirst into Picmonkey and created this: You can steal … Continue reading Summer Reading B-I-N-G-O!

Weekly Geekly: June 10th

Hey dudes,  it feels like it’s been forever but there are a few links I’ve been meaning to share with you so before my attention span flits in another direction… This Mean Girls / Game of Thrones mashup made me seriously giggle. Just me? A father’s day craft idea if you roll deep in Popsicle sticks like we do. This video that explains how consensual … Continue reading Weekly Geekly: June 10th

3 Day Quote Challenge: I don’t like choices.

I had a hard time choosing one final quote for Day 3 of my 3 Day Quote Challenge so I decided not to choose! Here are the 3 quotes that were just begging to be shared with you. A semi-serious quote from Game of Thrones that completes me. Another Parks and Rec gem that pretty much sums up my taste in wine: And a quote … Continue reading 3 Day Quote Challenge: I don’t like choices.