Link Love: Vol. 23


When my husband came home last night I had this half delirious look in my eyes that he smartly interpreted as, “I’ll get the wine.” If you’ve been having one of those weeks also, I sympathize. Let’s distract ourselves until dinnertime, m’kay?

Must watch videos: Michelle Obama talking to Rory Gilmore and these adorable little girls.

For a Laugh: Fake animal facts at the LA Zoo by Obvious Plant (love him)

All the Feels: Can I do it with you? Mommas everywhere can relate to this one. It caught me right in the feels.


As Political as I’ll Willingly Get Here: David Tennant reads Scottish Trump insults. He completes me. Also I need to learn more of these amazing UK swears / insults.

Up Your Insta Game: This Instagram hack is deliriously easy and majorly improved my life.

Nerd News: J.K. Rowling says her American wizarding school, Ilvermorny, is in Massachusetts.  This seems fitting to me and not just because I’m from there.

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  1. Dr. Diana Avatar
    Dr. Diana

    Good links can increase our knowledge base. Also we can gain and spread love around the people. God bless you and your family.

    ~Dr. Diana