March Madness: The Bracket of Guys


If you read The Lazy Genius regularly you know allllllll about the Bracket of Guys and you’ve been hyperventilating for days now. After months of choosing our favorite Matt, Steve, John, Joe and every other male name on the planet, we’re now pitting them all against each other in the hottest March Madness tournament known to woman.

I spent a significant amount of time filling out my brackets (I made one for my heart of hearts and one that attempts to read the minds of strangers), screaming into throw pillows about the insanity of choosing between people like Chris Pratt and Robert Downey Jr. or David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch (you cannot do that to a geek! YOU CAN’T!!!!). In a strange twist, both of my brackets ended at the same name. My head and my heart seem to be in agreement that Chris Pratt is the pinnacle of everything.

Today we started voting in the first round of the East Hot Region. That’s a technical term that stands for eight of the hottest and brightest actors as determined by the readers of The Lazy Genius. So if you have a strong opinion about Harrison Ford, Colin Firth, Rob Lowe, Adam Levine, David Tennant, Ryan Gosling, Jimmy Fallon, Michael Fassbender, Will Smith and like a whole bunch of other dudes – it’s time to vote. Make your voice heard. Be a part of the process. It’s your civic duty. Or something.


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A Spring Wish List.

Our weather has been borderline ridiculous lately. We have had a few days of blessedly beautiful weather that lulls you into a false sense of security and has you making spring plans and breaking out your sandals ; mixed with sudden snow storms that force you to retrieve all the snow pants and restock the sidewalk salt then go hide inside again and turn on your happy lamp.

While hiding inside, I’ve done a fair amount of online window shopping. Here are a few more recent additions to my Amazon wishlist that I’d love to celebrate the eventual spring blooms with.

51aciin1nkl-_sl1001_FOR SPRING SHOWERS These umbrellas look way too cool. They actually open in the opposite direction of regular umbrellas, they have an arm hoop thing so you don’t have to hold the umbrella and all your groceries AND they can stand up when you need to put them down.

FOR GAME NIGHT I’ve been eyeing Marrying Mr. Darcy for ages. If it would come down in price a little I’d totally consider splurging on it, but I haven’t been able to justify it because I’m not convinced my husband would play it with me. Utter Nonsense! however might be right up his alley. I was looking at this one at Barnes and Noble last week and was instantly smitten. It’s basically reading stuff out loud in hilarious, terrible accents.

b3063163-63d2-4e4a-b97b-2fc56d647792-2017-0203_frieling_speyere-vintage-inspired-pepper-mill_silo_rocky-luten_002A KITCHEN TOOL This vintage inspired pepper grinder from Food52 is highly likely to make its way into my husband’s stocking on Christmas. We’ve been using a grocery store brand pepper grinder that works ok but the twist style can be kind of wrist crampy and this one is infinitely prettier.

TO LISTEN TO I’ve been coveting two CDs lately – the Hamilton Soundtrack, because I figure it’s the closest I’m going to get to seeing the musical any time soon; and An Evening With Sutton Foster because I’m kind of a major fan girl.

513pp8o3c2l-_sx354_bo1204203200_TO READ I loved A Wrinkle in Time and can’t wait for my kids to read it. These days it seems like a graphic novel version of anything makes it instantly cooler. I’d love to see this story in picture format also. There is a whole series of classic kids literature being adapted into graphic novel form and I have to say, I totally approve. What classic novel would you like to see get the graphic novel treatment?