Don’t Blink: Her 8th Birthday

When people ask me how long we’ve lived in Wisconsin, I quickly consider the age of my daughter before responding and it always catches me by surprise. We’ve lived here for EIGHT years now and the proof is in how big my youngest child is. Which seems to be bigger every time I look at her lately. Sometimes it feels like ten minutes ago she … Continue reading Don’t Blink: Her 8th Birthday

My Summer vs. My kids’ Summer

I’m linking up with Mama Kat’s writers workshop again this week. Her 5th prompt jumped out at me pretty much right away: Your summer vs. Your kids summer. I’m probably not alone in thinking that my summer looks pretty different from my kids’ summer. Not in a bad way, just different. Their summer so far has looked like this: copious photo ops at the zoo, camping  trips, … Continue reading My Summer vs. My kids’ Summer

The Mid-Year Freak Out! Book Tag

I commandeered this book tag from Birdie Bookworm because it looked too good to not play along despite my not having been technically tagged. Birdie is one of my favorite sources for fun tags and book reviews. If you aren’t familiar with her blog yet, I implore you to get acquainted. So anyway this tag is all about the midway point of the year in … Continue reading The Mid-Year Freak Out! Book Tag