My 2018 Vision Board.


Last year I created a vision board to set the tone for my year. Like every other blogger, I created a mantra / word for the year to go along with it: LESS IS MORE. I know it’s more than one word, but you get the idea. Here are some of the things I wanted to see in 2017:

  • more game nights with friends: I definitely made this happen with monthly game nights with Dan’s coworkers and game nights at the bestie’s house also.
  • movie marathons with the kids: We’ve been working our way through Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings most recently.
  • date nights with my hubby: I feel like there are never enough date nights but we are probably going out more now than we were a couple years ago so progress!
  • a Subaru (lol): I didn’t achieve this one and honestly a new car is not at the top of my radar right now. I’m also not certain I want a Subaru specifically. All wheel drive, cargo room and good gas mileage yes. Specific brand? Meh.
  • writing more: I took a writing class just this past fall which definitely gave me a kick in the writing pants but now it’s over and my goal is to not lose that momentum!

So what are my goals for 2018? I wasn’t really sure until I read this post on Bustle about resolutions you should make based on your favorite literary character. Yes I realize this statement is absurd but as I read through the list two characters and their corresponding resolutions stuck out:

Daenerys Tarygaryen: Think Before You Act

Anne Shirley: Make Up Your Mind To Enjoy Things

I want to act with intention this year, to focus on the things I love and work on being a Happier Jen. I hope that this will involve cozy nights in with the family, drinking more tea, exercising a bit more, reading and writing with vigor, playing Cribbage with my husband as often as possible and Big Bucket List Moment: A Trip to Universal Studios to see the Harry Potter Experience.

What would be on your vision board?

Do you have goals for 2018?

Who is your favorite literary character?


I’m linking up with Mama Kat‘s writer’s workshop today. Head to her blog for more participants and writing prompts.


7 responses to “My 2018 Vision Board.”

  1. Kat Avatar

    Oh my gosh I LOVE this idea to make up resolutions based on literary characters!! I should have had you write the writing prompts for me! You picked good ones!!


  2. Mimi B Avatar

    Wow, I’ll have to give some thought to a character I’d like to exemplify in my life! I think the first two from last year I need to apply to my life! We’ve got some incredible games! Oh my gosh, I want to go back to FL! Your Universal desire just reminded me once again how much I love it down there. I chose to write about my word for the year…which I’m still seeking. lol


  3. Kim Avatar

    Love the vision board from last year. I want to take my kids to the Harry Potter experience too! I hope you make it 🙂


  4. madamdreamweaver Avatar

    Great goals. Do you remember when TBS has a “Dinner & A Movie,” and the hosts would create a meal themed around the movie? I did that several times with a meal themed to go with the movie. (Not always possible, but fun when it is.)
    Have you tried that on you movie nights? (The Back to the Future series is a good one, too. And Pirates in the Caribbean.)


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      That’s a fun idea. We’ve watched the first two Pirates of the Caribbean movies with the kids and I think all the Back to the Future movies but it’s been awhile.


  5. grayharley Avatar

    I love that life is like a camera saying did you write that?


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      No I found it in a list of inspirational quotes.