What I’ve Been Reading Lately | January & February

My reading habits for 2019 have definitely been of the slow and steady variety but I seem to be falling into a steady rhythm finally and getting back to my bookish self. The two big things which have helped are : 1) Just reading what I love and not worrying about finishing a book that isn’t doing it for me. 2) Not playing with my … Continue reading What I’ve Been Reading Lately | January & February

Daybook: February 7th 2019.

Outside My Window: we’re having another super fun snow day, or rather a snow and ice storm day. This makes our 6th day of cancelled school this year. Crazy sauce. I’m not really disappointed but I’m also not in Super Fun Mom Mode either. I Am Hearing: my daughter giggling over YouTube and my son narrating his choices while playing the Sims. He’s building our … Continue reading Daybook: February 7th 2019.

What’s Saving My Life Right Now.

Every year, on February 1st, Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy writes a post about what’s saving her life, the positive things big or small that are making these winter months more bearable. The idea is that we’re all great at listing our complaints but don’t often spend that same amount of mental energy on the good things. Here are some of the little things keeping … Continue reading What’s Saving My Life Right Now.