Weekly Geekly: June 10th

Hey dudes,  it feels like it’s been forever but there are a few links I’ve been meaning to share with you so before my attention span flits in another direction…

This Mean Girls / Game of Thrones mashup made me seriously giggle. Just me?

A father’s day craft idea if you roll deep in Popsicle sticks like we do.

This video that explains how consensual sex works with a cup of tea has been making its way around the internet again in light of recent news. It’s hilarious and poignant and I kind of think it should be required watching.

On a lighter note, who wants to make summer bucket list charm bracelets with me?

Finally, does anyone else wish that all news was delivered via slow jams now?

Weekly Geekly: Valentines Edition! (02.12.16)

It’s Friday again and for many romantical mush balls that means that it’s Valentine’s Day Weekend. Whether you are all about the candy hearts or all about torching them on fire – I hope you have a fantastic weekend gorging yourself on the candy of your choice and celebrating your love for it not being Monday yet. Before you go…

12592431_1288026484547210_4739586046824308277_nStill looking for the perfect Valentine for your boo? These are perfect for anyone who cheers whenever Anna Kendrick busts a rhyme.

Or perhaps you need something more traditional – like a Valentine riddled with Star Wars puns.

Personally just watching the GOP debate entrances last week may be all the Valentine’s Day gift that I need. I’m just kidding – I need chocolate, too. But it is the gift that keeps on giving.

And since you forced me to get political (gosh, guys) here is a comprehensive list of all the terrible things Hillary Clinton has ever done. #28 may be unforgivable.

Oh gosh, I’ve gone and made you feel all election year angstified – luckily I’ve got some Harry Potter news that will give you something to look forward to this summer. Dust off your reading night lights.

Have a great weekend guys!

weekly geekly: 4.18.2015


My list of awesome stuff to share with you guys was getting increasingly humongous so clearly a Weekly Geekly was in order. I’ve only got a few minutes before I need to run to work and make everyone look super stylish with their choice of spectacles – so let’s get cracking, shall we?

Ever stood in line at the coffee shop and thought “I could do their job – better, faster, stronger” – find out How long would you last as a Barista – no scalding water involved. – via buzzfeed

For your next U.S. Road Trip – 18 Literary Maps of the US at mental floss. Or if you are in Romania (as one does) check out this amazing magical bookstore at earthporm.com. 

“But guys, I’m in London!” Stop complaining and check out these 11 awesome stops for everyone’s Harry Potter dream vacay (one is actually in the US). – via mental floss

A cheat sheet for the dewey decimal so you can Library like a Boss. – via GeekMom

Want to teach your kids how to RPG? Geek Mom has you covered. I’m planning to try out Shadows with my kids soon.

And because I’m not quite done squealing: