Top 5 Pictures from February

Can you believe that it’s March already? I just uploaded my last picture from February and then went through all the pictures from last month to choose my Top 5, a habit I’ve been keeping up since I started this project last January (it kind of blows my mind to see how much older the kids are from 2010 to 2011, especially BB). Anyway here were my 5 favorite pictures from February:

basking in those sweet cheeks. on 365 Project

I’ve been really into simple portraits of the kids lately and most of my favorites are just that. I took this one on February 1st and just adore the vibrant colors and her sweet smile.

Welcome to Wisconsin! on 365 Project

I struggled most of the winter to get a good picture of the winter weather here in Wisconsin, but I think this picture really nailed it – I was lucky to have wandered outside with a camera shortly after our maintenance guy had finished shoveling out our walkway.

happy inesbayvalent! on 365 Project

This was the first year that MM really grasped the concept of Valentines Day and he went all in, making Valentines drawings and coloring pictures I printed for him online. I got this cute Valentine from my boy a full ten days before the actual holiday and did not mind one bit! His writing from one line to another in no particular order really cracks me up.

Cool Dude. on 365 Project

Cannot help but adore the attitude in this picture of MM wearing the leather jacket his grandparents got him around Thanksgiving. Such a handsome little man.

Pretty Girl. on 365 Project

Of course another beautiful portrait of BB, of which I had no shortage to choose from. I love how soft and delicate her hair looks in this picture and of course those eyes, they kill me every time!

Now I need to decide what to take a picture of today!

Here were my Top 5 Pictures from January for anyone looking for a trip down memory lane!

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Here Comes The Sun.

We’ve been thinking warm thoughts around here, wearing sundresses in the safe confines of our apartment.

What’s winter?

This dress used to be big on her, now it just barely covers her. By this summer, she’ll be able to wear it as a shirt!

They grow up so fast!