I’m kind of a big deal.

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Welcome to mommablogsalot.com, my little corner of the blogiverse. If this is your first time here, let me introduce myself and my blog and tell you a little bit more about us:

My name is Jen and I am the extremely proud momma to an eleven year old boy (referred to here as “MM”) who is clever, kind, and obsessed with Minecraft (read more about MM here) and a feisty diva child of eight years (known here as “BB”) who is never not singing, loves manga and all the sparkly things in life (read more about BB here).

My husband and I moved from New England to Wisconsin eight years ago and we oscillate between feeling like newbies and natives pretty regularly. We still spend a lot of long weekends exploring the Midwest – the other weekends involve home improvement projects, video games and grilling dinner on every nice weekend we get – we are Weekend Warriors for sure!

I’m a fangirling super mom and spend my time volunteering at my kids school, subbing part time, talking friends into going out for coffee with me, cooking up quasi-healthy dinners for the family, taking 8 million pictures, writing, reading, gaming and watching varying levels of quality television. I love stories in all forms and enjoy as many of them as I can find whether in the form of a book, movie, television show or good song.

As my blog’s name suggests, I am an avid blogger. You can find me writing about everything from parenting to celebrity gossip, favorite recipes, my latest book obsessions and more.

8 Replies to “I’m kind of a big deal.”

  1. Jen E –

    Thank you for reviewing Finding Aster. I am the publicist at Inkwater Press, the publisher of the book. We’ll be posting a blog about this review and linking to your site, a good thing to help boost you search ranking.

    Would be open to receiving any more books that relate to parenting or the other interested you’ve indicated on your site?

    At this point we don’t have anything that would be appropriate, but we are always publishing new books.

    Thank you again for the review,
    Steve Thieme

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  2. This is SO ME too! “I’m kind of a homebody trapped with a heart that starves for travel. So I’m always yearning to either sit at home with a good book or run off to Rome, Maine or Papau New Guinea at the last minute (admittedly, I usually end up doing the first).”

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  3. I find your About Me to be put together lovely; its style of beginning with “I’m the girl…” makes me feel like “you’re the girl…who I know very well just from reading several choosy (used to mean oddly particular) sentences about. Also, I relate with the books—you can never have too many!

    Lovely blog, glad I saw it on my list of links which brought people to my site.


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