Summer Reading BINGO 2020 | Free Printable

I just finished creating a summer reading challenge for 2020 because my kids have ONE WEEK LEFT of distance learning before our summer break begins! Is anyone else baffled by how fast and how slow quarantine seems to go at the same exact time? My kids are counting down the days and I’m trying toContinue reading “Summer Reading BINGO 2020 | Free Printable”

Top 5 Love Stories

The prompt for this week’s Top 5 Tuesday hosted by Bionic Bookworm is love stories or romances. This term can be applied to a lot of books and can mean different things to different people. From corset ripping to classic love stories and everything in between. Here are 5 of my very favorites. Pride andContinue reading “Top 5 Love Stories”

What I Read In April.

One of the advantages to being stuck at home has been a fairly sizeable increase in reading time. With nowhere to be in the mornings, I’ve been letting myself stay up late reading most nights, flipping through my book club picks during the day (they’ve all been too heavy to read right before bed –Continue reading “What I Read In April.”

Top 5 Tuesday: The Alphabet Challenge | Books To Look Forward To in 2020 (U-Z)

In which I bend all the rules. It’s time for Top 5 Tuesday hosted by Bionic Bookworm and we’ve finally made it to the last week of the alphabet challenge! Today’s post starts off wonky from the bat because there are 6 letters. Then it gets weirder because it’s comprised of the letters U, V,Continue reading “Top 5 Tuesday: The Alphabet Challenge | Books To Look Forward To in 2020 (U-Z)”

Writer’s Workshop: Homeschooling, Week One

It’s Thursday so it’s time to link up with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. How has your week been? Here are the different prompts to choose from this week: 1. Attempt a craft or recipe you saw on Pinterest, how did it turn out? 2. Write about how you keep busy during a “quarantine.” Is yourContinue reading “Writer’s Workshop: Homeschooling, Week One”

Top 5 Tuesday Alphabet Challenge: Light Reads for Tough Times (PQRST)

It’s time for Top 5 Tuesday hosted by Bionic Bookworm and we’re still making our way through the alphabet challenge. Today I’m sharing some favorite light reads for these tough times. I was talking to a friend about how my book club pick this month has been tough to get into because it’s even heavier than realityContinue reading “Top 5 Tuesday Alphabet Challenge: Light Reads for Tough Times (PQRST)”

My Homeschooling Plan for Next Week

I’m still waiting to hear from our kids’school about a formal plan for the coming weeks but after a week of letting the kids indulge in all the video games and YouTube videos they can stand (hey, it’s Spring Break!) I’m thinking next week will need a little more structure. I’m tentatively considering some websites,Continue reading “My Homeschooling Plan for Next Week”