that was then… this is now: sweet baby cheeks and stationary babysitters

My dad recently mailed me a package of old baby pictures and school-aged pictures of yours truly and I’ve been having fun reminiscing and comparing the baby pics of me to pictures of my kids. This picture immediately jumped out at me:

adorable baby Jen

We’ve come a long way folks. I can remember my dad commenting on how simple my baby walker was and man he wasn’t kidding!

Let’s compare shall we:

sweet princess BB

Yeah… she’s basically riding a Cadillac in comparison to my Fred Flinstone’s car.

On another note… do you think we look alike?

writers workshop: to my love on a thursday

my one and only

i could have waited for a holiday

with roses, champagne, over-priced cards

but my love, my feelings for you

don’t keep track of the days, but rather

go on and on and on and on in

a comfortable rythmn of foreveruntildeath

do us part. so let me take this moment

(there are never enough of them)

to remind you and only you (oh and also them)

that you are my one true love

the only one fit for the mundane and the magnificent

moments of our daily lives. you

the bringer of morning coffees and the

always helping hand; you do more than

i could ever ask and even when i don’t remember

to say thank you verbally, i hope you know

i think it every day. and that even when my

words are not always good at saying the right things

when it’s the right time, my heart

never stops thanking you and thanking

god that you are mine. so please know that

even though i was prompted to write this

for a silly meme that my feelings for you

are not silly at all but truly truly true.

(okay maybe they are a little bit silly, but

come on – this is ME we’re talking about).

i love you!

Mama's Losin' It

what gets you through “the longest hour”?

One of the highlights of my afternoon – the thing that keeps me sane between nap time ending and Dan coming home – is watching Ellen with my three year old. Right when we might otherwise be having the world’s biggest afternoon meltdown (you know the ones, moms) – instead we turn on Ellen. When life has gotten me down this year between the new baby, Dan getting laid off last year, the move to Wisconsin for his new job, etc. etc. Ellen has been there to take my mind off of all that heavy “where did all our savings go?” blahs with shake weights and Hawaiian chairs and Sexy Santa Musical Chairs.

MM might be just as big of a fan as I am – he loves dancing along with Ellen and the audience and gets super excited when they play some of his favorite games like Know Or Go or Sumove It Move It. He knows all the staff members like Jeannie and Andy Short Shorts by name. It’s kind of my dream that someday we’ll be able to go see the show together in person.

The next best thing? Was seeing this the other day:

he's kind of a celebrity now

This makes him basically a celebrity right? It would, admittedly, be better if she’d shown it live on her show and been all like, “MM from Wisconsin is basically my biggest fan and I want him on my show,” but I was pretty thrilled with this, too.

And thanks to the handy screen capture function and my blog, his celebrity status can now be memorialized in the interweb FOREVER. But Ellen, if you are reading this – his birthday is April 7 and I know he’d love to get tickets to your show. And I’d be happy to chaperon his trip.

just because

her smile is like a drug

Because even though I already posted a picture for my 365 challenge today, I could not resist taking a picture of all this cuteness.

her eyes light up the room

I bought that bib and a matching outfit for her recently, along with an assortment of 9 month sized outfits and pajamas. This little girl of mine just keeps growing and growing and learning and learning. She’ll be sixteen before I know it, I’m guessing. But for now I’m just trying to drink in all this little.

her laugh... it's intoxicating

I live to make her laugh – the sound of her giggles is musical and you cannot help but smile when you hear it. We make fools of ourselves on a constant basis just to hear one more laugh…

love her

We got the clothes at Burlington Coat Factory because another thing I love is a bargain and they never disappoint. The elephant outfit was the most expensive thing we bought her that day but for reasons I cannot even explain, I have developed an infatuation with elephants, especially with her and elephants. I hope she grows up to love them as much as I do.

a peek at the rest of the outfit

Why elephants? I really have no idea but you can’t tell me that outfit isn’t making you crush on them a little bit, too, am I right?

six months

seems like just yesterday

I can’t believe it’s already been six months since my little girl was born. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday we were driving to the hospital to “meet” our little girl. Just yesterday I was falling in love again. MM still asks me sometimes if we’re going to the “hoppsital” today. And now she’s eating solid foods, rolling around the apartment at the speed of light, sleeping in her own crib and getting bigger every day.

my little lady

Happy half birthday my little lady. Please don’t wake up tomorrow a teenager.