Weekly Geekly: 03.11.16

I’ve got a veritable stock pile of amazing things I’ve seen online that need to be shared with you so buckle your seat belts. Did you see the new Ghostbusters trailer yet? I’m personally super excited but apparently a lot of people are upset particularly about Leslie Jones’s character in the movie. Probably the sameContinue reading “Weekly Geekly: 03.11.16”

GEEK OUT: 5 Things You Won’t Want To Miss.

Some things worth geeking out over: A multi-fandom character alignment chart: Trying to understand your D&D character better? Or creating one from scratch and not sure what alignment they should fall into? Holland at Geek and Sundry has you covered. Have you heard of #TwitterFiction? Authors all over twitter were crafting stories in the formContinue reading “GEEK OUT: 5 Things You Won’t Want To Miss.”