5 Songs I Loved When I Was 16.

I’m linking up again with Mama Kat’s World Famous Writer’s Workshop. Albeit, I’m linking up a little late – but hopefully you won’t mind. This week Mama Kat asked: 4. What was your favorite song when you were 16 years old…is it still a favorite? According to my calculator, I was 16 in 1998. RememberContinue reading “5 Songs I Loved When I Was 16.”

What John Mayer Album Do You Need Right Now?

John Mayer just released a new album so you know it is living in my car and my kids are gradually learning every word to every song. Basically nothing has changed because over the years John Mayer has always been the background music to my life. In between fads and new favorite artists, he was alwaysContinue reading “What John Mayer Album Do You Need Right Now?”

5 Favorite Musicians… Then and Now.

This week for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop I’ve decided to answer the following prompt: Write a list of your 5 favorite singers growing up…do they still make your top 5 list? I grew up in the Oregon Trail generation – I probably first started noticing music in the late eighties and started forming real opinions onContinue reading “5 Favorite Musicians… Then and Now.”

10 Christmas Songs To Add To Your Playlist This Year.

I’m a little bit of a Christmas music snob. I don’t typically go in for the holiday music played on the radio or streaming through department stores but I actually love Christmas songs when they are done well, and especially when they feel fresh and maybe a little current. That’s a fine line though –Continue reading “10 Christmas Songs To Add To Your Playlist This Year.”

10 Songs Found While Shuffling.

I’m kind of combining two tags / writing prompts right now. This week’s Writer’s Workshop, which is hosted by the brilliant Mama Kat, includes the prompt: 6. List your top 10 most listened to songs currently. I thought this sounded fun but the idea of trying to pick ten favorites was weirdly stressful to me becauseContinue reading “10 Songs Found While Shuffling.”

What I’m Into: February 2016

Happy Leap Day guys! I’m celebrating this rare day by ignoring responsibilities. Unless you count washing dishes and doing laundry and planning meals for the week and … okay, fine, it’s just Monday. But it’s also time to share What I’m Into Lately! I’m linking up with  Leigh Kramer to share what I’m into thisContinue reading “What I’m Into: February 2016”

Top 10 Tuesday: The Playlist Shuffle Tag.

Erika at The Book’s The Thing had the supremely clever idea to combine a Playlist Shuffle Tag that she was recently tagged for with this week’s Top 10 Tuesday (hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) which has a music theme this week. The tag requires putting your music player on random, and listing the firstContinue reading “Top 10 Tuesday: The Playlist Shuffle Tag.”

Idol Thoughts: Hollywood Week & The Top 24

The Top 24 Contestants of the Farewell Season of American Idol have officially been named and for the most part, I was in total agreement with their decisions (although honestly at this point we’ve only been exposed to what they want us to be exposed to – you know?). There are some contestants that stillContinue reading “Idol Thoughts: Hollywood Week & The Top 24”

Idol Thoughts: The Farewell Season Auditions Begin!

I’ve been blogging on and off about American Idol for several years now, telling you guys who I loved and who I hated and it’s been fun to look back and see who I rooted for early on and who took my by surprise near the end. It’s hard to believe that this fifteenth seasonContinue reading “Idol Thoughts: The Farewell Season Auditions Begin!”