Bloggy Award Extravaganza: And The Winners Are…

So I’ve been hoarding a bit of bloggy love, and then I got MORE bloggy love – and I thought I’d better pass some of this out before it gets ridiculous. Thanks to the wonderful bloggy ladies Scrappy Girl @ Serendipity and Meg @ Faith & Gasoline for the following bling. I’m going to postContinue reading “Bloggy Award Extravaganza: And The Winners Are…”

Thank You For Being A Friend

It’s no secret that in the blogging world comments are a precious commodity. We covet them, crave them and seriously appreciate every little one that we get. A sign of a well loved post is often the comment count. So it makes sense that the sign of a well loved blogging buddy might be theContinue reading “Thank You For Being A Friend”

Honest To Blog?

I’ve been waiting to use that line ever since first seeing the movie Juno. The loverly Jen @ Our Daily Big Top has finally given me the chance to fulfill that goal – because she awarded me with the Honest Award yesterday! How great is she? So here are the award’s rules: Write a postContinue reading “Honest To Blog?”

I’m Addicted to Fabulous & Spreading The Love

Jen @ Daily Mish Mash just awarded me, you guessed it, another bloggy award. These are like crack my friends – I cannot get enough. I thought about just awarding it and be done with it, as I feel like suddenly I get these all the time, but I don’t want to let myself forgetContinue reading “I’m Addicted to Fabulous & Spreading The Love”

Bling Special: It’s A Two-Fer

Patrice over @ Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman just awarded me with not one but TWO awesome bloggy awards – she must ❤ me like well a person who really ❤ ‘s another person, huh? Thanks Patrice, I ❤ you, too. So, who wants to check out my newest bling? Seeing as thereContinue reading “Bling Special: It’s A Two-Fer”

Oh Pretty! Check Out My New Bling

My friend Scrappy Girl @ Four Seasons Farm just awarded me the pretty Butterfly Award. According to Scrappy, I must pass this on to 7 fellow bloggers. Easy enough, right? So congratulations to: Patrice @ Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman Mrs Newlywed @ Misadventures of a Newlywed Jen @ Daily Mish Mash JeanContinue reading “Oh Pretty! Check Out My New Bling”

Children’s Classics: Newbery Medal Favorites

The big topic at 5 Minutes for Books this week is Newbery Medal winners. Have you read many of the books that have won a Newbery Medal? Do awards influence which books you will or won’t read? I think for the more official awards like the Newbery or Caldecott – or even the NYT bestsellers,Continue reading “Children’s Classics: Newbery Medal Favorites”

I’d Like To Thank My Parents, Caffeine, and RSS Feeds

I’m an award winner! My lovely bloggy friend Patrice @ Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman just awarded me with my very first ever bloggy award – how cool is that? So here’s it is, The Diamond Award: Pretty huh? So the rules for accepting this award are pretty simple – first I mentionContinue reading “I’d Like To Thank My Parents, Caffeine, and RSS Feeds”