Getting Ready for Back to School – 2020 Style

In three weeks we officially start our school year. My fourteen year old is starting his first year of high school virtually. He’s the amount of excited but nervous that you would expect. After months of hearing little more than crickets about what’s going to happen, the last week or two have been a comparableContinue reading “Getting Ready for Back to School – 2020 Style”

Back to School Fashion: First Grade Chic

BB will be the first to tell you that some things are fancy and fashionable and other things just are not. She’ll definitely be the first to tell me these things as we’re wandering the aisles of Target or H&M in search of the perfect Back to School Look. We tried not to go crazyContinue reading “Back to School Fashion: First Grade Chic”

Back to School Shopping: Preschool Chic

Last week I shared with you my favorite places to buy clothes for my kids – highlighting some clothes that my soon to be 2nd grader son would like. Today I thought I’d share some things from the same stores that I’d buy for my nearly 4 year old daughter who is going to 4KContinue reading “Back to School Shopping: Preschool Chic”

Back To School Shopping: 2nd Grade Boys

We’re halfway through the summer so despite my best efforts to be living In The Moment, my mind can’t help but occasionally turn to the coming school year. My son will be starting 2nd grade this fall and of course he’s going to need some new clothes. Before I hit the ground running, I likeContinue reading “Back To School Shopping: 2nd Grade Boys”