Bai: The delicious drinks invading my refrigerator.


So I recently tried the Bai drinks for the first time, because my husband’s cousin started working for the company and they boasted being 100% natural with only 5 calories a serving and had cool looking bottles and I was curious. You know, the usual.

The bottles are $2 each so I started small and grabbed a bottle each of lemon, coconut and pomegranate (not pictured) to try them out, figuring I’d start with some flavors that I was already pretty familiar with and usually enjoy.

I was hooked pretty much immediately. The drinks are sweet (thanks to  Erythritol, a natural sweetener made from GMO-free corn, and Organic Stevia extract) but not too sweet and each kind of have their own thing going on Рthough all the drinks also contain antioxidants from coffeefruit Рthe outer shell that covers the coffee beans in our coffee.

According to Bai, “Local farmers in coffee-growing regions such as Indonesia and Sumatra have traditionally left coffeefruit in the field after coffee harvesting because up until recently the highly-perishable fruit has been difficult to stabilize. Now that Bai has established a method of gathering, purifying and dehydrating coffeefruit on location, Bai is able to bring coffefruit to bai-lievers everywhere.

Of the four flavors I’ve now tried, these are my impressions:

Limu Lemon: Love. It’s got a nice bold citrus flavor without being overpowering and is perfectly refreshing and sweet but not too sweet. This is a crowd pleaser – everyone who I’ve offered one to has liked it.

Molokai Coconut: This one may be my favorite. Probably if you don’t like coconut it will do nothing for you, but I’m a big coconut fan and the flavor is fantastic. It has a nice soothing feeling to it as you a drink – a stark contrast to the lemon which is more invigorating.

Sumatra Dragonfruit: I actually didn’t care for this one – it has an aftertaste that reminds me of a cough drop – almost mentholy… But my husband and his friend completely disagreed and really liked it. So maybe I’m crazy or maybe dragonfruit just isn’t my thing.

Ipanema Pomegranate: Just like any good pomegranate drink, this one catches you off guard on first sip. They aren’t messing around and as a fan of a good pomegranate juice, I can appreciate this. I really enjoyed it and especially loved that it had a good 115 less calories at least compared to your typical glass of fruit juice.

So that’s my take on the flavors I’ve tried so far but they have a lot more that I’ll have to check out at some point. Have you tried any of the Bai drinks? Which one is if your favorite? Any other brands I should check out?

I was not given any compensation for this review – Bai does not know who I am (well except for my husband’s cousin) and did not ask me to review their product. I am simply sharing my thoughts on the drinks for anyone else who has seen the giant display of them in their grocery store and wondered if they were any good.