Thoughts on: The First Three Doctors


You may have picked up on the fact that my husband and I are giant Doctor Who Nerds or Whovians. We have seen all the of seasons of the newest reboot of Doctor Who which includes all episodes from 2005-present. We have been anxiously awaiting a new episode on BBC America since Christmas.

So you can imagine we were all kinds of delighted when we noticed that Netflix has now compiled Classic Doctor Who episodes in one handy little link on Netflix Instant. We spent the weekend watching episodes from the first three doctor’s collections of work. The collections or seasons are pretty sparse with just four episodes each for the first two doctors but I actually found this to be a nice manageable way to get a taste for each doctor and sample 20 years or so of Whovian history.

We are about halfway into the fourth collection of episodes, The Three Doctors (1972) which actually has all three of the first three doctors working together to solve an attack at Unit HQ. So while I am certainly not an expert on the first three Doctors, I have seen enough to throw in my two cents on each of them.

The First Doctor (played by William Hartnell) played the doctor from 1963-1966. To be fair I’ve only seen 4 or 5 episodes of Hartnell’s (mostly The Aztecs) portrayal as the Doctor but if I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t a fan. His version of the Doctor felt a bit stiff and boring and occasionally mean. He didn’t seem to have that urge to Save the World that his later incarnations had and I didn’t necessarily buy him as this amazingly brilliant guy who could figure anything out. The show itself just wasn’t as fun. If this had been my first introduction to Doctor Who, I’m not convinced I’d still be watching…

The Second Doctor (played by Patrick Troughton) starred in Doctor Who from 1966 to 1969. He is definitely a much sillier Doctor and appealed to me quickly in the Mind Robbers episodes that I watched as well as his stint in The Three Doctors in the 70’s. He is much more youthful as the Doctor and has that amazingly intelligent thing down. Perhaps this had more to do with the era in which he played the doctor than anything, but either way it made for a much more enjoyable watching experience. My six year old Whovian fanatic son would agree with this assessment. I also really liked his companions in the Mind Robbers a lot, where I never really took a shine to the first doctor’s companions.

The Third Doctor (played by Jon Pertwee) played the Doctor from (1970–1974). Netflix has a lot more of Pertwee’s episodes available to watch and luckily for me I like him perhaps best of the first three. He has the same smarty pants quality but charm to spare as well. His companions have been intelligent but not boring and his story lines good though the first couple of episodes were a bit trying on my patience as they mostly featured the other actors (members of UNIT and the bad guys, etc.) and though the plot was interesting, the good Doctor definitely made the shows worth watching. Luckily he got a lot more screen time as the episodes progressed!

That’s just my take of course. What did you think of the original Doctors? Who were your favorites / least favorites?

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Remember when I complained incessantly that David Tennant was lame and that the only true Doctor in my heart was Christopher Eccleston? But then thanks to Tennant’s amazing powers of brooding and a few really great side kicks (Martha & Donna) I slowly grew to enjoy David Tennant and maybe even kind of really liked him.


So of course the universe could tell that I was starting to get attached and gave us this guy. Don’t get me wrong, he’s fine. He seems to truly love this awesome job he’s gotten himself and the writing continues to impress so of course he says cool stuff. But… he’s no David Tennant and certainly no Christopher Eccleston. And I feel as though something has changed.

He doesn’t seem as… Amazing as the previous two doctors. Instead of whisking in and saving the day and making bad aliens quiver with fear, he’s kind of getting by on the skin of his teeth frankly and squeaking by on reputation still. I know he’ll save the day in the end because 50 years precedence kind of establishes that it’s likely but instead of him seeming like a Bad Assed Time Lord who knows all and always has a plan he seems more like a really smart kid who might figure it out eventually.

I know. I’ve complained before and come around, but really? I’m not pleased. And also is it fair that my husband now gets to look at her every night:


And I’m stuck with Matt Smith and Rory?


I mean it’s not like they are hideous or anything but… they kind of make David Tennant seem insanely hot by comparison. Or maybe David Tennant really grew on me a lot more than I realized? Or maybe it’s that the previous two doctors were like men old enough for me to consider attractive and not nearly prepubescent? Okay that’s not fair, according toWikipedia Matt Smith is actually two months older than me, but STILL. That’s not the point.

The point is that apparently I don’t handle change very well yet and I’m annoyed with the Doctor Who universe for making me miss this face so damned much:


Also, doing a google image search for David Tennant as Doctor Who, by the way, yields some pretty hilarious and terrific results. I miss corny freeze frames that make me giggle incessantly.

Stay tuned for the inevitable future post about how Matt Smith isn’t that bad and the next new Doctor Who is apparently terrible. Poor guy (or gal??) hasn’t even applied for the job yet and I’ve already got it out for them.

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I know, I know, I am ridiculously behind the times and every good Doctor Who fan is caught up watching the 11th Doctor by now, but when we last discussed Doctor Who around these parts my beloved 9th Doctor had just reincarnated into the 10th Doctor and I was reeling pretty hard and feeling very disillusioned. I was not pleased with the on screen chemistry (or lack thereof) between David Tennant and Billie Piper and moreover I was just missing Christopher Eccleston something fierce.

In Tennant’s and Piper’s first season together (and last) I continued to scratch my head at their chemistry. It seemed forced and odd but the two just sort of marched on and pretended like it was normal and I tried to also, though knowing that it was Piper’s last season made it hard to feel committed to the two of them together. That said, when she left, in the way that she left which I won’t talk about because I don’t like spoilers, I’ll admit that I cried. Like a baby. A lot. Her ending was extremely well written and torturously sad and despite the lack of chemistry between these two actors, David Tennant can brood like it’s no one’s business.

In the next season’s premier and Christmas special, at the end of the episode when the Doctor saves the day and goes all dark and bad assed? That was the moment that David Tennant won me over. I think I swooned.


Seriously, over this guy. I swooned. And now as the Doctor tries to move past his loss of Rose and take up with his new companion, one Martha Jones (played by Freema Agyeman), his continued brooding of Rose feels so genuine and right. Of course we want the Doctor to be happy eventually, but I think if he’d simply said “well that sucks, hey you, pretty girl? Wanna be my new chicky?” that it would have just infuriated me. His hesitance to get close to Martha despite the fact that she seriously kicks ass and also, frankly, has better on screen chemistry than Tennant ever had with Piper (the kind of chemistry that Eccleston and Piper had and I loved) actually makes it work for me.


I don’t know if they will ever be an “item” or if he’ll continue brooding over Rose into his next incarnation but at the moment I’m okay with not knowing (you hear me, internets? No spoilers!) and frankly enjoying watching her squirm over it all. It makes for good television.

So in conclusion: I like Martha. I like Tennant. I like the brooding. A lot. At the moment, at this point and time, I am content in my Doctor Who-niverse. And I forgive them. For now…

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Doctor Who Should Come With A Warning Label: Don’t Get Attached!


Dan and I recently started watching Doctor Who together. When the fall / winter series finally had all had their finales, we switched over to our Netflix Instant Queue and decided to finally see what all the fuss was about. We were originally going to go all the way back to the episodes from the 60’s but those original shows seem to be scattered across a million DVDs and the new re-released series is all nice and tidy and we only have to press one button. So for the time being, we started with the 2005 premier of the 9th Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston.


At first I couldn’t watch the show without commenting on the pure cheesiness. Both Eccleston and his co-star Billie Piper seemed to be laying it on pretty thick and the whole thing felt like it was filmed in the 80’s which is clearly not a compliment. But the show grew on me and the characters grew on me and every night we’d put the kids to bed and then settle down for some Tardis Time. It was our thing. It’s still our thing except something happened. Something awful.

I’d preface that this is a spoiler alert, but honestly I think you need to know. At the end of the first (billionth?) season, our cheesy big eared Doctor regenerates into this cheesy Doctor:


Even he looks confused about the casting change

Apparently when the Doctor is basically on his death bed for whatever reason, he is able to completely regenerate in the form of an entirely new person in order to survive. Still the same Doctor, except not. Now I guess given that the previous Doctor was the 9th Doctor, I should have figured out that he wasn’t going to be sticking around forever. But in a show that has been around for 50 years or so, I’d think we’d get more than one season with him. Moreover, the whole romantic connection between Piper and Eccleston had just been (finally!) acknowledged when BAM! New guy. It’s just creepy. Don’t ever kiss a guy on television or he’ll either turn into a demon, literally change faces or die. This is what I’m beginning to learn.

I guess there have been interviews and speculations, etc. that Eccleston never intended to do more than one season because he didn’t want to become typecast or something (lame) but I have to say this was a loss for everyone. This new Doctor? I mean, he’s fine. Maybe he’ll even grow on me. Maybe they wanted someone younger so that people wouldn’t be raising their eyebrows all the time at him and Rose liking each other (though apparently she won’t be sticking around much longer either, I don’t blame her, really) but Eccleston was such an amazing Doctor Who. He has that perfect blend of silly childish humor that meets perfect comedic timing and also, frankly, you just believe. He delivers a line and you believe. I don’t get that from David Tennant yet and it’s a damned shame.

And also? I resent having to whine and complain on my blog about Doctor Who, making it vividly clear to all of you that one) I’m a giant nerd and two) I take my television shows way too seriously. But seriously! If Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey had done one season and then randomly morphed into Lindsey Lohan I think we can all agree that we’d collectively flip our shit, right? How can Derek just take that in stride and believe her when she says, “Trust me, I’m still the same Meredith. Look how I flap about ridiculously and then say the word “fantastic” and everything is okay again.”

It wouldn’t work – and not because Grey’s Anatomy isn’t a Sci-Fi Show, honestly they’ve pushed the limits on reality plenty with the whole Denny the Ghost Love Scenes and all. No, it wouldn’t work because audiences like to get attached to people. We can deal with change that’s been a long time coming but just f-ing with us for the sake of keeping us on our toes is plain mean.

Maybe their males in their 20’s and 30’s Demographic just don’t form the same attatchments that women (read: I) do but I just need to have it out and written here that, I am not pleased and I miss the Big Eared Goofy Doctor a lot. I had to go on Netflix and add like 7 movies he’s done outside of Who-ville that all seem to have lackluster reviews but I don’t care. I know I’ll need a fix. Even if it won’t be the same.

They say that the first Doctor tends to be people’s favorite which is a crying shame but certainly makes sense. Fans of Doctor Who, tell me – who’s your favorite Doctor and which one did you watch first?

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