Baby Blueberry’s Birth Story

I thought I’d attempt writing out Baby Blueberry’s birth story now while it’s still fresh in my memory. I’m only going to write about the actual birth for now because although I have a lot of possible tales to tell, this whole blogging thing takes a much longer time than it used to! If I tried to tell you guys about everything that’s happened in the past week, well, I don’t think I’d ever finish. So for now…

Tuesday morning Dan and I woke up around 5am – we showered, got dressed, he ate breakfast and then we headed to the hospital. Pretty much the only things on my mind were, “I’m tired, I’m hungry and I’m about to have a baby.” But mostly, “I’m hungry.” I wasn’t allowed to eat anything after midnight the night before and my stomach was not pleased with being woken up and then ignored. I tried not to be envious while Dan ate his breakfast.

We arrived at the hospital for 6:30am, found our way to the birth center where we were quickly checked in – I think we were their only appointment that morning and they were all kind of gathered around the nurses station waiting for us. We went in to the first little room where we signed some papers, talked to loads of people and got prepped for surgery. Everything was fairly pleasant until it got around time to put in the catheter. For some reason I didn’t realize it was time for the catheter until it was time for the catheter so I never really got to prep myself for Oh My Goodness. Just so you all know how huge of a baby I am, when they finished inserting it, I basically told Dan I was done having children and at the time I was completely serious. I’d already had an epidural when they gave me one for MM’s birth so I never got to feel that awful feeling, but seriously. It was awful.

Luckily not long after the Catheter instance (or Foley as they began referring to it after insertion, like by calling it another name I might forget what they were talking about or like when you are talking to your spouse about bed time in front of your children and you spell it out “B-E-D T-I-M-E” so as not to cause a premature temper tantrum from your kiddos but then eventually they learn to spell so you have to start calling it by another name like “period of dormancy” or “foley“… Well it didn’t work – I totally remembered what they’d done and I was not likely to forget anytime soon) I got my spinal block and the dreaded Foley was eventually not the most pressing matter of the moment. I’ll admit that after the spinal kicked in, the baby was born, etc. I couldn’t feel the foley at all. But I didn’t forget. Just so we’re clear.

Anyway, back to the birth story. It was very different in the operating room this time around since I hadn’t been in an unnatural overly medicated labor all day –  I had my awesome spinal block to avoid feeling anything but I was still totally present and aware of the situation. I loved that. They also were able to give me a medication to control nausea which I didn’t get when MM was born. Not puking is so much better than puking, I’m just saying. The people in the OR talked me through the whole experience and even managed to find time for small talk, not that we were in there long.

They started the surgery at 8:30am and little BB was born at 8:39am. Now that’s fast! She weighed in at 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 18 inches long – thick, dark blonde hair and eyes so dark that the color was and still is terribly difficult to distinguish – she was everything we expected and nothing we could have guessed – probably like all babies she was immediately perfect for us in a way we hadn’t imagined.

After some stitching and such, we were all wheeled back to the recovery room where I spent a few hours before being moved into the main hospital room (I apologize, I cannot remember the official names for any of these rooms). By lunchtime Dan headed back to the apartment to pick up MM and my grandmother so they could meet little Baby Blueberry and I ordered a light lunch of I can’t even remember. It’s funny, I was starving all morning but by the time I was allowed to eat my appetite was surprisingly small. I couldn’t even finish the celebratory cheesecake Dan bought me that night – seriously.

And that’s how little Baby Blueberry made her entrance into this world and I became a proud mother of two…


BB (Baby Blueberry) was born Tuesday July 21, 2009 @ 8:39am. She weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces (maybe) and was 18 inches long (more on that maybe later). She’s absolutely perfect. I’m still all tired and in new mom / major surgery recovery mode, so the rest will have to wait, but for now…

*Baby Blueberry Birth Week* Hanae's Birth Story

Ready for another second born birth story? This one comes from Sue @ My Musings. Her daughter Hanae was born via a scheduled second c-section, which is exactly what I am having today for Baby Blueberry’s birth (unless something crazy happens between Friday July 17th and now). Anyway – I’ll hand the proverbial mic over to Sue now and stop blabbering…

First of all Congrats to Jen, Daniel & MM on the birth of little baby, BB.  I’m so excited for all of you!  Second – thanks for letting me guest post.

My c-section was scheduled for the 2nd of May and about a week before that I started to re-arrange furniture including the living room with it’s couches & 350 pound tv, my bedroom with it’s sturdy military dorm style furniture & also my son’s room.  No surprise when 2 days before my c-section I woke up in the middle of the night in labor!  I can still remember that drive and grumbling that only this baby would put me into labor!

When we got to the hospital a woman who was in labor with twins had arrived first so I got to have something that stopped my labor and waited until about 10:30 when they took me back.  Oh, I forgot to mention that in the military you get whomever you get.  I was able to arrange with the head of the surgical ob section to perform my c-section and he even cleared his schedule when I went into labor.  I will forever be grateful to Dr. Michael Stitely for coming in!

It did take longer with this section than the first because of all the scar tissue and it did worry me to the point that I had a panic attack on the table and had to be put out after my darling little daughter made her appearance.  When Dr. Stitely announced it was “a Hanae,” I asked him if he was sure –  I really thought I was having a boy!  She ended up being very healthy and active. She weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces and she was 21 inches.  Of course Hanae being Hanae, she couldn’t just lose the normal ounces that most babies lose while in the hospital.  She actually lost almost a full pound after birth because she pooped 18 times within 24 hours!

At this point our family is complete but I will never forget that wonderful day when my sweet baby girl decided to appear especially since it was 5 years and one week to the day from her big brother’s birth!

Hanae's Birth Story by Sue @ My Musings

Thank you so much for sharing your birth story with us Sue! I cannot wait to share the story of Baby Blueberry’s birth with all of you, but in the meantime our week of guest posts continues. Next up, tomorrow is a Wordless Wednesday special from Amanda @ Funkepunkemonke

*Baby Blueberry Birth Week* Isabelle's Birth Story

Our next birth story is from Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? It tells the lengthy story of her first daughter, Isabelle’s birth. Krystyn comments that this story is “quite detailed and not for the faint at heart!” So consider yourself warned. 😉

I went to work on Thursday 10-12, but left early in the afternoon. I knew the contractions were more than Braxton-Hicks. I came home and slept for a bit and tried to eat. I called Matt, and he wanted to time them. I started to lose my mucus plug at about 5:00pm. He got home about 6:30pm and we went for a walk and started timing them. The contractions were 1.5-2 minutes apart and lasted anywhere from 30-45 seconds. Hubby was freaking out a bit, and called the midwife. They said come on in.

We got to the hospital and they admitted me around 8:30pm. They hooked me up to the monitor and started measuring and the contractions were consistent. They came and checked me and I was a dimple!!! What, what are all these contractions doing? They told me to drink lots of fluids, got an IV and started walking around. They wanted to see if it was false labor or not. The contractions continued in intensity, and we walked around and drank a ton. Still at about 1am, I was just a dimple! At this point they gave me a sleeping pill and told me I would wake up at about 3 in active labor.

Well, woke up before then, and still nothing. The midwife came in later that morning, and “made me 1cm” (yeah, thanks for telling me it is going to hurt like crazy, and that you are even going to do it!). Still nothing after that, just a lot of contractions and bloody show.

Cut to new midwife some time in the afternoon. She decides this is too long and we need to start doing something. At about 1:30pm, I get an epidural, followed by pitocin and breaking my water. Isabelle had decided to poo in me, so I had to have fluids going into my uterus to flush things out.

Apparently, I have a finicky uterus because they were constantly tuning the pitocin so my contractions would be most productive and easily spaced.

Finally, at 11pm on Friday, 10-13, I was ready to push. After pushing for almost an hour, the midwife decided that the dreaded episiotomy was in order. At 12:29am on the 14th (just 30 minutes after her due date had passed), Isabelle finally made her appearance! Matt screamed out “It’s a girl” as we had decided to be surprised by her sex.

Unfortunately, because of the meconium, I didn’t get to hold her immediately like I wanted. They had to clean her up and suction her before I really got to see her. Because of the previous flushing, though, she didn’t have any meconium in her lungs, so I was extremely grateful. I did snap some pictures from the bed while they were waiting for the placenta to come out.

I finally got to hold my little girl.
Our happy family of three (me sooo bloated from the IVs for a day and a half.)
Thank you Krystyn for sharing Isabelle’s birth story with me in celebration of Baby Blueberry’s birth tomorrow! Check back tomorrow for her second daughter Natalie’s birth story as the Baby Blueberry Birth Week continues!

Monthly Menu Plan: July

I’m back with another month of menu planning!

This month’s menu is all sorts of, “Maybe”-filled. Especially those last two weeks where I’m having the baby and recovering in the hospital and then coming home to recover some more. A lot of that is guess work – but that’s okay – just having a sort of plan makes me feel a bit more in control.

For those who’ve never planned a month long menu or haven’t read my little posts on them before, here’s the deal: Rather than planning my family dinners night by night, or week by week, I’ve taken the habit of planning out one menu for an entire month. This makes my grocery shopping much easier since I’ve already decided what dinners I’ll be making, I only have to pick up the ingredients missing for that week and the very regular cast of breakfast and lunch foods.

And the looming nightly dinners are now much less intimidating. No longer having to stand in front of the refrigerator scratching my head, trying desperately to figure out something nutritious and delicious to make for dinner? Love that. And by doing this monthly rather than weekly, it leaves more time for life in the days in between. It isn’t rocket science, and thanks goes to Simple Mom who inspired me with this idea.

So here’s my menu for the month of July:

Week One (Beef 2 lb, Chicken 1 lb)

Saturday: 4th of July : Grilled Bratwurst, Beef Teriyaki, Pasta Salad & Deviled Eggs
Sunday: Homemade Pizza
Monday: Tex Mex Chicken Pasta Skillet CHICKEN (1/2)
Tuesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs with garlic bread (make enough for leftovers) BEEF (2 lb)
Wednesday: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs & Mac’n’Cheese
Thursday: Grilled Cheese & Chicken & Dumpling Soup
Friday: Chicken Parmesan CHICKEN (1/2)

Week Two (Chicken 1 lb)

Saturday: Breakfast For Dinner: French Toast with Sausage and Fresh Fruit
Sunday: Pesto Pizza
Monday: Chicken Nuggets with sweet corn and mashed potatoes CHICKEN (1/2)
Tuesday: Pasta w/ grilled chicken and leftover pesto & garlic bread CHICKEN (1/2)
Wednesday: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs & Mac’n’Cheese
Thursday: Grilled Cheese & Chili
Friday: Picking up Grandma @ Airport Salmon Burgers w/ build your own sides

Week Three (pick up chicken and beef for grandma – 3 lb beef, 2 lb chicken)

Saturday: Company Picnic until 4:30 – BBQ Chicken w/ baked potatoes and mixed frozen vegetables CHICKEN (1 lb)
Sunday: Homemade Spinach Alfredo Pizza
Monday: Spaghetti w/ zesty bolognese (make enough for leftovers) BEEF (2 lb)
Tuesday: The Big Day – No Dinner Plans
Wednesday: Hospital Stay – No Dinner Plans
Thursday: Hospital Stay – No Dinner Plans
Friday: Hospital Stay – No Dinner Plans

Week Four

Saturday: Ordering Out
Sunday: Homemade Calzones
Monday: LEFTOVER Bruschetta Chicken Bake
Tuesday: LEFTOVER Spaghetti & Meatballs with garlic bread
Wednesday: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs & Mac’n’Cheese
Thursday: Grilled Cheese & Chicken Noodle Soup
Friday: Grandma Goes Home – Breakfast For Dinner

(You can see that I’ve started keeping track of how much meat I’ll need to buy for each week. I’ve also tried to include links to recipes where relevant.)

That’s it for July! Remember, the most important part of this process is flexibility – make a plan, but  don’t get eaten up about it if you decide to switch things up – maybe your dinners for Wednesday and Thursday need to be switched for a week or you make plans at the last minute – that’s fine – this isn’t homework, so it shouldn’t feel like it – the whole goal is to make YOUR life easier! So have fun with it!

If you’re making a menu plan for the month of July be sure to leave a comment with a link to your post in the comments section below.

Thirty Four Days? Holy Cupcake Batman!

July 21st is in just thirty four days. Part of me wants to snarkily add, “July 21 isn’t for 34 more days! ::sobs into hanky::” but seriously? Thirty four days. That’s soon! And we still have a lot to do – like packing the overnight bag – oh and we need to put together at least the co-sleeper and soon the crib also. We need to assemble the baby swing and find all that other baby gear. I need to go through our various piles of baby stuff and figure out what we actually have and what we actually need. I need to acquire an infant car seat – my lovely bestie Andrea is trying to get me one from Graco to review on Mommas Review, but if that doesn’t work I need to head to the store and make some decisions – like – do I go for a travel system again or just grab a car seat – or grab a car seat now and get the stroller later? Or get one of those little stroller-like devices that the car seat attaches to but will only work during the infancy stage? Graco? Baby Trend? Evenflo? Pretty pink girly pattern or a cautious neutral? Amazon, Babies’R’Us, Target, Walmart, Burlington Coat Factory, sketchy back alley dumpsters?

We also still need to get MM a new bed before my grandmother shows up. Have I told you our plan? My grandma, the angel, is staying with us for two weeks – she’ll be coming the Friday before my c-section and then staying for two weeks – and our plan is to buy MM a new bed with a slightly better mattress, a box spring and a bed frame – so that she can sleep on something resembling a real bed instead of just a twin mattress on the floor or our terrible couch – and MM will move onto it after she leaves. His old mattress we will save for BB to use when she’s older. We were going to buy him the whole kit and kaboodle – you know headboard, footboard, etc. But then Dan was like, “Wait a minute – we don’t even have a headboard or footboard on OUR bed? We could save a ton of money if we just get him the same set up we have. And he was right. So I agreed. We’re thinking if the kids really like rooming together we might get them a bunk bed when they are older and eventually get ourselves a full bedroom set also – but that’s like way out there, daydreaming kind of thing. This is now – with less than thirty four days to figure it out.

Anyway – so I need to get the bed, weed through our baby stuff, come by an infant car seat and oh yes – the blog. I go in for my cesarean Tuesday July 21st and I’ll be staying in the hospital for 2-4 days depending on recovery, etc. I will not be twittering during the operation or anything like that and I honestly don’t know when I’ll get to my blog again, though I promise to post an update as soon as possible, hopefully with pictures – but as far as real content – it’s kind of dependent on when I come home, how I’m feeling and how demanding newborns are these days. But I was thinking I should make a game plan – arrange for some content for your reading pleasure now, and mine later – or … how about before?

See, I’m thinking guest postswith your best birth stories, newborn stories, tips for either, whatever – hit me with your best stuff – but send it out to me before the big day so I can read the posts and soak up all that great advice, wisdom and I’m sure a good deal of wit and humor, too – beforehand, so I can USE it when it counts and read it when I’m conscious enough to actually take it all in and remember some of it. Lord knows I’ll be mostly incoherent for awhile afterwards. SO:

If you have a great (or terrible) birth story, some tales from the newborn days (first, second, third, fifteenth child – whatever, I’m not picky), some tips or well wishes that you’d like to share, I’d love to feature them as “Guest Posts” on my blog during the week of July 20th. Send me a story anytime between now and Thursday July 16th and I’ll schedule it to run during the week I’m away. If you want to post something meme-y or carnival-like in nature, let me know and I’ll make sure it’s scheduled to run on the appropriate date. You know, whatever’s clever.

Send any guest posts, ideas, questions or offers for free baby stuff to mommablogsalot (at) gmail (dot) com.

If this doesn’t work, I’ll have to make stuff up and that might get pretty dreadful, so please help a future momma of two out!