Calling All Jens: I Want YOU (Who Wouldn’t?)

I have noticed more than once since starting this blog that there are a LOT of Jens in blogland – we go by a wide array of variations, like all Jen’s – there are Jennifers, Jens, Jenns, Jennis, Jennies, Jennys and probably more. Some of my favorite bloggers are Jens which should really come asContinue reading “Calling All Jens: I Want YOU (Who Wouldn’t?)”

I’m Addicted to Fabulous & Spreading The Love

Jen @ Daily Mish Mash just awarded me, you guessed it, another bloggy award. These are like crack my friends – I cannot get enough. I thought about just awarding it and be done with it, as I feel like suddenly I get these all the time, but I don’t want to let myself forgetContinue reading “I’m Addicted to Fabulous & Spreading The Love”

Bling Special: It’s A Two-Fer

Patrice over @ Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman just awarded me with not one but TWO awesome bloggy awards – she must ❤ me like well a person who really ❤ ‘s another person, huh? Thanks Patrice, I ❤ you, too. So, who wants to check out my newest bling? Seeing as thereContinue reading “Bling Special: It’s A Two-Fer”