Road Trip Diaries: Hershey, PA

After driving through Ohio and New York and spending a week in Massachusetts, most people¬†would consider that an awesome family vacation. We would call that JUST THE BEGINNING. Having seen most of our friends and family and eaten at all of the places that make it feel like home, we packed up and left forContinue reading “Road Trip Diaries: Hershey, PA”

Stalking The Mailman Chronicles: Chocolate Cometh

Look what my mailman brought me today: My big old pile of chocolate from Carol @ Siswick Construction Zone came today! I was a bit surprised because these candy bars are HUMONGOUS, like way bigger than I expected from the post she wrote which had a picture of these teeny tiny cute little candy bars.Continue reading “Stalking The Mailman Chronicles: Chocolate Cometh”

CHOCOLATE: Things You Should Know

It’s no secret that I love chocolate. I practically breathe the stuff or at least I would if given the chance. So if chocolate is that important to me, I aught to notice things like the whole Fair Trade issue. Sure I’ve read about it, but I apparently never bothered to READ about it becauseContinue reading “CHOCOLATE: Things You Should Know”