VACATION PLANNING? I have binders full of vacations.

Nothing to see here: just a girl and her midliners making a vacation binder full of budget estimates, itineraries and park maps. Raise your hand if you are a binder kind of girl? Page dividers? Multicolored midliners for further clarification? Spreadsheets??? Oh baby, right? On a related note: Who here has been to Universal StudiosContinue reading “VACATION PLANNING? I have binders full of vacations.”

Visiting Metropolis: Home of Superman

I owe a major thank you to the friend who said, “Oh if you are driving through Southern Illinois, make sure you stop in Metropolis.” You mean like Superman, Metropolis? Like that’s a real place? She assured me it was quite real and gave me the skinny that I’m going to give you now. MetropolisContinue reading “Visiting Metropolis: Home of Superman”

D.C. in 4 Hours: Walking the National Mall

We only had about four hours to spend exploring Washington D.C. and we were traveling by foot the entire time. According to my pedometer, we put in over 10,000 steps in D.C. mostly just walking the National Mall. We fully intend to come back to D.C. and stay for a weekend at least so thatContinue reading “D.C. in 4 Hours: Walking the National Mall”