Read Aloud Book Rec: Little Red Gliding Hood by Tara Lazar

You know when your kid brings a book to you for story time and you have never seen it before in your life and have no earthly idea where it came from and they’re like, “Duh mom, we’ve had this forever.” Maybe this is a sign that I have #bookworm problems or that my brainContinue reading “Read Aloud Book Rec: Little Red Gliding Hood by Tara Lazar”

Summer Vacation Begins! (plus: a free printable weekly planner)

Today was their last day of school and honestly we couldn’t be more ready. Don’t get me wrong, we had a pretty terrific school year. The kids learned a lot and made some great memories and I hit a pretty stellar balance of being a Super Volunteer Mom without feeling like Overburdened Mom-Martyr Person. BUT.Continue reading “Summer Vacation Begins! (plus: a free printable weekly planner)”

Summer Reading 2018: Choose Your Own Adventure (Free Printable)

A couple of years ago I started making summer reading challenges for my kids because I found the programs at the library a little lacking / redundant for a family of bookworms. My kids don’t need encouragement to read in the summer so keeping track of pages and titles seemed unnecessarily tedious for us andContinue reading “Summer Reading 2018: Choose Your Own Adventure (Free Printable)”

Spring Break in Florida in Photographs.

It’s Thursday so I must be linking up with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. This week’s prompts are: 1. Write a blog post that ends with the line: maybe next time. 2. Book review! 3. Create a recipe that incorporates hard boiled eggs. 4. Tell us about the last time you saw a movie. 5. ShareContinue reading “Spring Break in Florida in Photographs.”

Happy birthday to our favorite Canine Time Lord.

Last month Doc the Dog celebrated his first birthday. We aren’t certain of his exact birth date, so we decided to celebrate the same weekend as Dan’s birthday, because why not? I made the hubby his favorite chocolate chip cookies for his birthday so it seemed fitting that I make the dog some homemade cookiesContinue reading “Happy birthday to our favorite Canine Time Lord.”

fleeting, rushing moments.

This month is rushing by faster than I can keep up with. Again. Still. I feel like I’ve been saying this all year. Every month I find myself writing, “Where did this month go? How is it over already?” Every day I look at my children and think “When did they get so big?” WhenContinue reading “fleeting, rushing moments.”

Giving thanks for a wonderful husband on his birthday.

One of Mama Kat’s writing prompts this week was “Something you’re thankful for.” Like any dweeby wife, my first thought of course was of my family – my amazing husband, my adorable intelligent funny kiddos, even my stupid slobbering dog who is occasionally pleasant to be around. I’m thankful for a roof over my head,Continue reading “Giving thanks for a wonderful husband on his birthday.”