family fun

I couldn’t NOT be festive if I tried…

We may not go to any parades this year. And I might have grumbled and groaned all night as the teenagers blew off firecrackers across the street all night last night (to be fair, they’ve been blowing fireworks across the street every night for a month now – this was hopefully their long awaited grand finale? And btw, I think firecrackers being legal is just absurd, but maybe that’s just the mom in me talking – akin to, “You’ll poke an eye out”?). But this morning we are making french toast and I am planning to top it with blueberries, strawberries and either powdered sugar or whipped cream. Because gosh darn it, today’s America’s birthday – and I don’t ignore birthdays!

If the rain doesn’t interfere, we’re going to bring Dan’s little tabletop grill to a local beach (or maybe park) and make some homemade beef teriyaki and bratwurst to serve with pasta salad, celery and green beans and lemon bars. Our version of a “cook out” and everyone we know is invited. Except we don’t know anybody here so nobody is invited. ::shrugs:: I hope everyone has a fantastic 4th of July and to all my international readers, have a fabulous weekend!