love thursday: new beginnings

In college I killed a cactus. I have long assumed that I am probably lacking in the green thumb department, so I was just as surprised as anyone else when I suddenly had the urge to buy a house plant recently. Initially I was going to buy one of those clever hanging plants to display on my balcony, but my husband (love him) suggested I start with a smaller (read: cheaper) plant with the mind set that it would be wiser to kill an inexpensive plant first than a larger investment plant. It made sense – I took no offense to this idea because it’s true. I love that he knows me well enough to realize that this is both an important step for me, but also one that we should step into lightly, making baby steps. A month from now I may have lost all interest in house plants…

Then again, every time I look at this little plant, which we picked up at our local farmers market for just $3, I like it more and more. I bought it with a small amount of apprehension as I know nothing about plants and didn’t know if this one was “a good one” – or how much of a commitment caring for it would be. I wasn’t even sure it was my style. But I took a chance and I have to say I’m pretty smitten with it. I check in on it a couple times a day to make sure it’s handling this heat wave okay, checking for any dead petals or leaves that could be trimmed away. It’s remarkably easy on some levels, this caring for plants thing seems to involve a bit of common sense. Go figure.

In a lot of ways plants and babies are pretty similar. They require a certain amount of love and attention (though babies admittedly require more of it) to grow, but when you do it right the results are stunning. They are ever so delicate and at the same time, tougher than they look. It’s a balancing act. The care and nurturing of them is both new and daunting but also relatively obvious once you figure it out. Keep them alive and help them to flourish. Show them love and watch them grow. Marriage is similar I suppose. It would seem that I’ve entered yet another new relationship where a certain amount of commitment is required to keep it healthy. If that commitment is genuine and well kept up with, things should go well. I can remember looking at motherhood as it approached, hesitantly wondering if I was cut out for this – not having the slightest idea how to care for something so small. Looking at marriage was similar – would I be any good at this being a wife thing? I hope that my houseplant fares as well as my marriage and son have.

I’ve had a lot of new beginnings in the past few years. Several times now I have made commitments to new people, places and things – new ways of living. It’s been impossible at each point to know for certain that things will work out for the best, but that leap of faith has been rewarded each time. Look how far we’ve come. Wonderful husband, darling son, exciting new chapters in our lives together unfolding as we’ve left the comforts of our upbringings and branched out to this new home, this new place, this new life. Soon we’ll stretch ourselves further and become a family of four. There are apprehensions and fears, of course, but if history has shown anything, I’m thinking it will go well.

I cannot wait to meet the newest member of our family. I cannot wait to witness my heart filling to the brim again – to see her face and know my daughter, to learn the art of parenting a second time as I figure out this whole “mother of two” thing. And I wonder, after this, when I have conquered marriage, motherhood, moving, the mothering of two and the caring of my little flower – what new beginning will we reach for next? What will be the next chapter in our lives that will test us in ways we can’t yet imagine?

Swap Favorite Things? Check and Check

My Favorite Things Swap (Hosted By The Pink Potpourri) - Click here to join!

My package for the Favorite Things Swap arrived today! As I’ve mentioned before, my partner was the lovely Meg @ Queens Fort Mama – and she sent me some pretty lovely things – wanna see? You know you do!

I know some of the things might be hard to see clearly, so I’ll break it down for you. 🙂

This awesome mix CD has some of Meg’s favorite songs like Vulnerable by Secondhand Serenade, Beauty in the Breakdown by the Scene Aesthetic, Such Great Heights by Iron & Wine, and Better Together by Jack Johnson (those last two are some of my favorite songs as well!).

Super cute gardening gloves!

These cupcake confetti sprinkles look so yummy – I can’t wait to use them!

And how cute are these stencils? I’ve never seen anything like them (I know I don’t get out much) and they look so fun! Do you think Meg knows I have a sweet tooth?

Um and just so you know, Meg, I’ve been kind of secretly wanting a cute spatula for awhile now – you saved me from having to beg my husband the next time we were in the store. 🙂

Little Know Fact: I’m fascinated by the Civil War – but my knowledge of it kind of ends after Gone With the Wind, so I am oh so excited about perusing this book! (ps: Don’t mind the glare, it says “amazing”)

And seriously what could be better than a demon-hunting soccer mom? This book is RIGHT up my alley.

In short, this whole swap idea is brilliant and I had a great time giving and recieving. Hope Meg liked her package as much as I liked mine. 🙂 Thanks lady!

Anyone else gotten their swap packages yet?

Signs of Affection

Valentines Flowers, originally uploaded by jennifereggleston.

I’m not normally a flower person – I don’t necessarily like the idea of giving someone flowers which inevitably die – especially if they would have lived in the ground otherwise. I mean I get that you should enjoy things, but I guess in an ideal world, when we have our own home, I’d prefer flowers I can plant in my garden, which I will then magically know how to upkeep.

But I was thrilled this Valentine’s Day when my husband brought home a gorgeous bouquet of pretty pink tulips and I decided that if I took a few pictures they could essentially “live on” indefinitely. The first few pictures were kind of blah, just a picture of a flower and ugh, my messy apartment was in it, so I decided to get closer…. and closer… until I came up with this. And I just love it. It’s my intention to do something like this with all flowers given to me from now on.