4 apps to keep your brain from melting.


A lot of my friends and family back in the Northeast are struggling through another snow day right now. My own little monsters sweet angels just went back to school yesterday, so even though I’m happily enjoying the sweet sounds of silence right now, I can vividly recall Jen of Two Days Ago wondering if she’d ever be able to watch grown up television again (you know, like, The Mindy Project or reruns of Australia’s Next Top Model – important stuff) because her kids were monopolizing the television and just generally being there and stuff.

If you need a distraction but don’t want your brain to slide out of your ears by the end of the night, here are 4 apps currently keeping me sane but also a little smart:

Ultimate Cribbage – Keep your Cribbage skills fresh between game nights with the hubby. I went on a weird downloading tangent to find the best cribbage app for Androids and this is it. Good graphics, fun variations and just enough control over game play.

Daily POP Crosswords I just downloaded this one but already I like the graphics and found the first puzzle just the right level of challenging. Good for people who like Crosswords but can’t handle the Sunday puzzle in the newspaper.

Duolingo Feel  a sense of accomplishment that you are bettering yourself and not just playing Knittens! for twelve hours straight (you can do that next). My husband and I both use this app to learn new languages or brush up on ones we learned in school. It’s free and confidence boosting and you can set it up to remind you to use it every day.

Backpacker – I’ve mentioned this one before but I’m still playing it literally every day so maybe it bears repeating. This is a fun blend of geography and general trivia with enough goals to accomplish to keep you playing into the wee hours of the night. So approach with caution?

What apps are you loving on your phone right now?



Weekend Diversions: Kid-Safe YouTube, Mad Eyeballing Geography Skillz & Harlequin Mad-Libs

I’ve got three fun goodies for you for this week’s Weekend Diversions, a little bit of everything per usual. The first is a website called Kideo Player! which plays only kid-friendly videos that might be found on YouTube. You can watch old school Sesame Street clips, goodies from Noggin and a lot of other neat things, too. There’s no searching involved, just click over to the site and enjoy. You can use your spacebar to skip to the next video. My son had a great time invading my interent time with me while watching the Kideo Player. Thanks to GoodyBlog for mentioning this yesterday!


Now if your brain is feeling kind of squishy and infantile after that video diversion, you can head over to The Eyeballing Game and test your ability to see and make shapes, angles and lines. I became quickly infatuated with this game over the course of the week, finally getting a high score of 3.94 (lower is better) before forcing myself  to walk away. Just typing this makes me want to scoot over and beat my husbands score of something absurd like 2. Think you can beat my high score? Be sure to comment and let me know if you do!


And now for a love story…

Typical. It takes wealthy tycoon dh eight years to pull himself away from his terribly important career in Paris, the City of Lights and come home for a divorce. And then he doesn’t even know who she is! Sure, Jen was a feisty schoolgirl when dh rescued her from a nasty family situation. But that’s no excuse for the man not to recognize his own wife.

And now the gorgeous wealthy tycoon thinks he’s going to hightail it with his final decree in hand. Uh-uh. Hopelessly Romantic Jen isn’t letting him off quite so easily. Not when she—now an award-winning writer—is finding him so irresistible.

Irresistible enough to get him to tie the knot again?

I “wrote” this story with the help of Harlequin‘s fun new Make Your Own Romance Story a pretty basic mad-lib deal with pretty hilarious results. Thanks to Karen @ Write From Karen for blogging about this yesterday. Her story was pretty terrific, too – you should go read it before making your own, which you will of course have to tell me all about!