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Weekend Diversions: Dangerous Drinks, Double Nerd Scores & Dozens of Dozens of Bloggers Block Solutions

It’s time for another helping of Weekend Diversions. Here are a handful of the interesting, intriguing and worthy of note things that I’ve stumbled across this week while surfing the ye old net:

First off, two very cool keyboard-related pieces. I saw this first one on, it’s a monument to the keyboard, found in the streets:

I found this next one at Gizmodo and it is slightly more usable and equally cool, who wouldn’t want their very own homemade Scrabble-style keyboard?

This keyboard was made using real scrabble tiles with the points score slightly modified to show each key’s secondary function. Um and it’s absolutely drool worthy. Feel free to make me one – or send my husband an email asking HIM to make me one. Wouldn’t this be the coolest Valentine’s Day present? ::cough::hinthint::cough::


These next two have absolutely nothing to do with computer keyboards, scrabble or stone gardens. But they have EVERYTHING to do with beverages and sharks. Want to add a spice of danger to your daily drinks? You’ll really feel like you’re living on the edge with this Shark Fin Ice Tray.

I found this at OhGizmo! and I was like, “Oh that’s cool – but do I need another ice cube tray? For me personally, I’d pass on this one, cool as it is, and instead opt for this Shark Fine tea infuser, which I found over at Baekdal. Because I drink tea like every morning and I think it would be awesome to brew it with this bad boy.

This one was part of a design competition at Design Boom (it won 3rd place) and I can’t see any way to actually going about purchasing one. Maybe my husband could make me one of these, too? Engineers do that kind of stuff, right?


Okay this last thing is a list of 101 Post Ideas For Your Mom Blog, found at the Mom Bloggers Club. Some examples for anyone suffering from Bloggers Block right this second…

39. If I could change one thing in this world it would be ________________.

66. My fondest dating / wedding moment is _______________.

90. When I lie awake at night, I think about _______________.

Well that wraps up this week’s Weekend Diversions. I hope you all have a very lovely diverted weekend. I’ll see you Monday!

memes & carnivals

Weekend Diversions: Of A Political Persuasion

This week’s presidential inauguration opened the door to a plethora of fun diversions. The biggest New Big Thing on the block has been the Obamiconme, a fun little website that lets you upload your own pictures or use your web cam to make your own Obama-esque poster images, which you can print as a poster or photo gift or just save and put on your many blogs. Not being one to avoid jumping on bandwagons, I made the following very cute obamiconmes with the help of my lovely assistant…

But the fun didn’t stop here, not by a long shot. Have you seen the photo gallery that posted which shows the reactions of people everywhere during the memorable inauguration of President Barack Obama? Visible reactions may vary. People were all over the spectrum in this gallery, from weeping to incredulity, to seemingly no reaction at all – it’s what you’d expect and more and surely worth a look if you haven’t seen it yet.

Speaking of worth a look, MSNBC has a photo gallery of their own – a slide show of the first wives inaugural ball gowns throughout the ages. Beginning with Michelle Obama’s white chiffon gown designed by 26 year old designer Jason Wu, going back to 1953 with the gowns of Mrs. Eisenhower and Mrs. Nixon. It was really neat to see how the gowns changed over the ages, what was in style, who was in style, and who was not even a little bit in style (sorry Hillary).

Lastly, it seems like everyone was talking about the changes to which happened at 11am as Obama was being sworn in. You can see a comparison screenshot of what the website looked like just seconds before and even a comparison of what the website looked like when Bush first took office compared to today. It is amazing how far we’ve come here on the old interweb. You can go to for an extensive tour of all the changes and features now on the new including, “weekly videos, a blog, proclamations, executive orders, what they are trying to do, who they are, and – most importantly – ways for the American people to participate.”