I’m Like The Little Engine Who Could Blog

Stole Borrowed this meme from Kat @ Sunshine and Lemonade because it looked fun – 4 lists of 7 things, which is pretty perfect for me – those are my lucky numbers. Anyway it’s all about what you can do, can’t do, haven’t done and want to do, in short. Sounds like a nice zen way to finish off my posts for the day.

7 things I can’t do

  • whistle. I try, really, but I kind of just puff air and hum. My husband thinks it’s hilarious.
  • definitely swim & float – I’m convinced I can but not convinced enough to be okay with not touching the bottom. I won’t take MM swimming without the hubs because of this (who by the way is the world’s most greatest swimmer ever (hubs not MM).
  • watch movies or tv shows where someone’s child or parent dies – at least it can’t be emotionally established. That rules out a lot of shows. It has to be really, really good for me to watch it anyway – like Bones / Grey’s Anatomy good. Which coincidentally have a ton of that. Go figure. I guess I lied.
  • Learn foreign languages with ease – I’ve had YEARS of French so I’m like okay with that, but all other languages I’ll likely never get further than a PBS preschool show would teach you.
  • Work a lighter – I also don’t like lighting matches. I’m not afraid of fire – just the fire hurting me.
  • Drive a stick shift. I tried, it was scary. I cried. Automatics? Not so scary? Not so many tears? I was good with automatic. But sometimes I think I should try to learn the stick shift thing again.
  • Knit – or crochet or do any of those cute susie homemaker crafty things. I’ve tried because it looks fun and I’d be proud, but I’m horrible at it. My fingers lack all coordination and ease and it’s very stressful. And since it seems to be one of those things you do to relax, I gave up. My husband by the way – he knits and crochets. Very well. He says he learned so all the supplies he bought me wouldn’t go to waste. Whatever makes him happy, I say, especially if I get free scarves and sweaters…

7 Things I do well

  • Read without abandon – I really LOVE to read – if I’m pressed for reading materials, I read street signs and cereal boxes, etc.
  • Blog. At least IMO, I blog like a … person who blogs a lot. Well.
  • Bake cookies – and other things, too, but seriously me and cookies? We’re out of this world.
  • Read bedtime stories out loud – my dad was giving me advice for this, telling me to practice before MM was born and I was like, “Seriously dad? It’s not that hard.” It isn’t, because I’m a natural.
  • Understand preschool / toddler gibberish. MMMMLingLingmuGling. Okay Lighting McQueen, whatever you say.
  • Procrastinate – never do today what you can do tomorrow or the next day or what was I supposed to do again? Oh right – here, done.
  • Plan things – I plan like there’s no tomorrow. I have lists for the next 6 vacations or so we’ll take as a family, our savings budget up until then, what shows are on TV for the next 3 weeks, what to blog about this week, what to do today… It’s scary I know.

7 Things I have never done

  • Gone to Canada, Hawaii or Mexico – I’ve lived in 3 states, gone to 10 schools and been to Germany, but I’ve never been to those places which it seems like all normal people have.
  • Smoked crack.
  • Gone on an honest to goodness picnic – with like the basket and blanket and stuff?
  • Flown a kite
  • Watched an episode of “Survivor”
  • Broken a bone – any bone, no bones. Haven’t done it. The only surgery I’ve had is dental and cesarean.
  • Ridden a unicycle

7 Things I want to do

  • Renew my vows. In the dress of my dreams or at least a dress I love. Done the way I want.
  • Not to completely steal Kat’s answers, but yes, travel travel travel – everywhere – as I’ve said before there is NO end to my wander lust.
  • Take some photography classes with my hubby’s Nikon D40 (unless he buys me a Rebel before then)
  • Have more children.
  • Own my own home. Or two. You know, whatev.
  • See an opera or Broadway style play or musical
  • Meet my mother and her family.

What do you want to do? What are you awesome at? What are you not so awesome at? Fess up.