When Cleaning Sprees Go Crazy

What is it about visits from in-laws that send normally sane women into cleaning frenzies? Last minute frantic scrubbing in the bathroom to eliminate any sign that someone may have recently used the bathroom. Vacuuming the kitchen of any recent crumbs – going above and beyond the every day call of duty so that nobody can suspect that one might actually live there.

I assure you, I don’t put in this much effort before my father visits – and I love him a lot – and sure, there is the fact that my dad might not notice as much as my germaphobic mother in law would – but it still seems silly. I’ve just in the last hour repeated all the same chores I just did on Wednesday, even though they normally wouldn’t be done again for an entire week. I even put real clothes on, because nobody should know that I live in my pajamas most days.

I know this is probably normal, but it still struck me as mildly ridiculous as I did it.