Back to School Fashion: First Grade Chic

BB will be the first to tell you that some things are fancy and fashionable and other things just are not. She’ll definitely be the first to tell me these things as we’re wandering the aisles of Target or H&M in search of the perfect Back to School Look. We tried not to go crazyContinue reading “Back to School Fashion: First Grade Chic”

Book Review: A Knight in Sticky Armor (Doc McStuffins)

Continuing my new video book review series (or: in an attempt to be fair to my children), here is a review for a book that my daughter, five year old BB, read recently. She would like to tell you more about: A Knight in Sticky Armor (Disney Junior: Doc McStuffins) by Andrea Posner-Sanchez, Mike Wall(Illustrator) BBContinue reading “Book Review: A Knight in Sticky Armor (Doc McStuffins)”

Book Review: Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins

When my son, currently eight years old, requested that I read the first book in The Underland Chronicles, a series by Suzanne Collins (yes, that Suzanne Collins), I couldn’t resist. He has become something of a Fan Boy where this series is concerned and pretty much eats, sleeps and breathes it. A kid after myContinue reading “Book Review: Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins”

Kindergarten Looks Like: Paper Craft Extreme

Can we talk about BB’s new craft obsession? Every day she painstakingly cuts out little shapes from bits of paper and then assembles them into pictures, coloring in all the little pieces. This is a self portrait of hers that she gave me recently and it’s just one in an ever growing collection of patchworkContinue reading “Kindergarten Looks Like: Paper Craft Extreme”

A distraction: Amish ninja chic.

The internet is justifiably a sad place today. In between doing all the things one does throughout the day, I’ve been reeling over the news that one of the greatest actors, comedians and humans of our time is no longer with us. I’ve read all the articles and felt all the feels and made a mental listContinue reading “A distraction: Amish ninja chic.”

Road Trip Diaries: Hershey, PA

After driving through Ohio and New York and spending a week in Massachusetts, most people would consider that an awesome family vacation. We would call that JUST THE BEGINNING. Having seen most of our friends and family and eaten at all of the places that make it feel like home, we packed up and left forContinue reading “Road Trip Diaries: Hershey, PA”

CLEAN: a look at what exactly defines clean and tidy.

I was thinking about what is considered “clean” this weekend, while attempting to tidy up a bit before having friends over for dinner. “Clean” seems to vary depending on who is doing the cleaning and what the occasion is. Cleaning the stove for me means wiping off all the gunk and maybe pulling out theContinue reading “CLEAN: a look at what exactly defines clean and tidy.”

craft love: these dinosaurs are real stand up guys!

We’ve been finding ourselves stuck inside a lot this summer and I was in desperate need of a quick and easy art project to occupy an hour or two of our time. Flipping through the May issue of Disney Family Fun magazine, I saw a cute stand up dinosaur guy that had been painted onContinue reading “craft love: these dinosaurs are real stand up guys!”